Keep the Fraction Constant Budget

Keep the Fraction Constant Budget
Here is a travel budget for the person who wishes to escape from home.

“I had to keep the fraction constant.”
- Theodore Roosevelt -

“My Father … told me …
If I am going to earn money, I must even things up by not spending it. As he expressed it, I had to keep the fraction constant, and if I was not able to increase the numerator, then I must reduce the denominator. “
- Theodore Roosevelt -

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Thursday, March 13, 2008
Andy of ---

When a person decides to escape they often seem to forget they do not have a job, they spend money that ordains they will surely stop traveling the planet. One day maybe this person will enter into negotiations with themselves.

“Self, I say self, I want to continue to travel, I do not want go home.”

“Ok, self, but you are running out of money, you only have enough to travel for six more months, then you must go home.’

“No, self, I refuse, I will not go home, I do not want to, I want to continue to follow my feet.”

“Ok, then what are you going to do?”

“I do not know self, I do not know how to earn money, they only pay about five dollars per day here in this country for labor, my room rent is 10 dollars, what can I do?”

“Well self, I think the first call to action would be for you to find a room for 2-3 dollars, so you can at least have hope of never going home and admitting defeat.”

“I agree self, decreasing the amount of money I spend is a lot easier to do than to earn money, even if I teach English they will not give me enough money to afford diddle.”

‘Yes, I must somehow learn to live as cheap as the locals, and then hope to find a way to increase my money.”

“Yes, seems like a plan, self, you can live on the same budget as the locals, then if in desperation you need some cash, you can always work at some menial labor, the Hotels always need some reception person who speaks English, you could do some trade for a sleeping room.”

“I suppose you could also translate Restaurant Menus.”

“I am not gong home self. I will cheap it down until I can take this six months of money and turn it into two years. By that time I hope I can figure out a way to earn money and travel.”

“it’s a plan”

I hear the talk, and listen to wanna be somethings, they say something about travel, but I just hear noise. Then one day I hear them say something about not spending money, I then start to believe them, I start to think, maybe, just maybe this person is a traveler and not some delusional party animal that will not quit drinking to go home.

I hear many a person list of exceptions to not spending money, they say something like I will put in on the credit card, or it is only five dollars. I think to myself, five dollars is two days in a hotel, it is not a coffee in Starbucks, it is two day of living on some beach looking at bikinis.

I am on the beach where I had the first argument with self, I am on a beach by name of Pie de la Cuesta. I guess you could call this Ground Zero for, this is the place where I started running away from home, I planned my escape on this beach. I traveled away from home, away from drudgery of reporting to work, from saying I have to get up and go to work, I now have traveled so far away from home, I found my home.

I am a Traveler, I am Andy the, found a life on this beach, so I must say Thanks to this beach, pay homage to my first new home on the road.

Thank you Pie de la Cuesta.
Andy a Traveler

Keep the Fraction Constant Budget


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All this time I never realized that this is where it all started for you. I do remember on a few occasions where you mentioned Mexico as the initial destination that prompted or inspired you to begin the travelers life.

Pie de la Cuesta looks great from a few photos seen online. Sounds like my kind of place too, warm, beach, sunsets over the water and off the main tourist drag (I guess). Also like the fact that a lagoon is immediately behind the beach front to insulate it nicely.

I talk to myself as well and try and avoid any arguments if possible. hehe.


at someone who agrees. you can not save money by buying things on sale. the only way to save money is to buy fewer things.

Yes, this is the start of Travels, however was started in the Voyager Hostel in Panama on New Years day 2000, when I purchased the domain name.

I just lost the domain and had to find a new one.

So Andy, please tell me... how do you make money to survive on the road??? I bet you've answered this a hundred thousand times, but one more time please :D

A wannabe hobo

Wow, full circle! What is it like to be back at the place where it all started?

I was kind of disappointed though, I expected there to be more meat in this post about how to save money while traveling. I guess, however, that that requires individual ingenuity and creativity.


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