Acapulco Pie de la Cuesta

Acapulco Pie de la Cuesta
I am about 8 miles, maybe one-half hour from the city of Acapulco, about one hour from the Airport.

A beach with dangerous waves banging the surf, called Playa Luces, or Sunset Beach by the Gringos, the place to watch the Sunset than clap to thank the good Gods.

Acapulco - 8 Miles north of the City
Pie de la Cuesta - Playa Luces
Laguna de Coyuca - Barra de Coyuca
Friday, March 14, 2008
Andy of ---

Collectivo Taxi are 10 Peso per ride or one dollar... Shared Taxi.
Bus is 5 Peso of 50 cents USA

Need to say Pie de la Cuesta - Peeeah day lah questa

Spring break has not hit this beach, however in a few days Mexico City will invade for Easter or Pasqual.

The price of room is tourist nuts, the cheapest I have found so far is 17 dollars and most are over 20-25 and this is globally priced nuts. Going price for all the room on this beach in a global pricing structure should be 10-15.

17 dollars and I have yet to see a well designed bikini in three days here.

Acapulco Pie de la Cuesta


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Tough to make it a real budget base for very long if prices are in that range. $17 is $510 a month.

Found this from a 2004 LP.

Hotel Parador de los Reyes
Calz Pie de la Cuesta 305
US $7


Nice blog

Maldives Tourism Update

please post a video of Acapulco cliff diving. We in US of your age use to love watching Wide World of Sports especially when the had the diving show. Yes it would be cool if you showed us the Hobo dive !

A triple Hobo half twist.

Yes, I will post a video of the Acapulco Divers.

I think you need to find an old Elvis movie.

Hotel Parador de los Reyes

Funny, I stopped in their to say hello to some waving at me French Canadian guy. He is paying 25 dollars there for 2 people.

There are hotel here that were ten dollars that are now 70.

There are still cheap places to stay. I now am thinking Mexico has become a very high season, low season place to go.

High Season is too stupid and low season they starve so you can make a great deal. For sure Mexican culture has not changed, they like to grab all the money they think they can take.

This beach is probably over the hill and not any good anymore for long term travelers.

However, there are more beaches on the planet than imaginable. Just look at the coast and you can see it is not all city. However, to be any fun there has to be about four hotels.

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