Room 504 Alarm Clock Drunk

Room 504 Alarm Clock Drunk
An alarm clock in room 504 has been ringing for one hour. Finally got annoyed enough to call the management of the Hotel.

I am presently in a 150 dollar per night hotel in the USA.
(No, I am Thailand, but this is the true value of this room in the USA.)

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Andy of ---

The management says the person in the room does not answer the phone. I finally go and bang on the door loud enough for ten neighbors to hear, it is 8:59 in the morning.

The battery powered alarm clock is both a benefit and an annoyance. I am one of the main problems, so I know this is a problem. 90 percent of the time I wake up before any set alarm clock, if I got dressed and leave the room my alarm clock can be inside the room for hours ringing annoying the other guest. I therefore almost never set the alarm only for airplane trips, and try to use my cell phone alarm and not the other one because if I take the cell phone with me I will still hear it and shut off.

What to do with a drunk person in the room 505? The management did not feel it is their right to enter a room and shut off, therefore I decided it was my right to wake up the idiot drunk in the room. (It is not his or her right to annoy the hotel?)

There are reasons for management to enter the room.

Water is running from the sink onto the floor and into the hall, there is nobody in the room.

The alarm clock is ringing longer than 15 minutes.

I truly do not care about Hotels, I want to know the management is in control of the hotel and not the drunk in room 504. I also get angry that some USA guy has to take over management when all the wimps and limp wrist people on the planet do nothing.

Room 504 Alarm Clock Drunk


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So what happened? Did he come to the door? Turn off clock? Punch you in the nose?

The phone was ringing.
The alarm was ringing.
I was banging on the door.

I finally could hear the alarm went off, so I walked back to my room.

Goal accomplished, but trust me, a person would have to be drunk or drugged to not hear the alarm for one hour. I am four doors down in a concrete hotel.

This happens all the time in my colleege halls of residence. Since I work here, Security or the Managers will enter a room and turn off any noisy thing if noone answers the door.

If there's a naked girl in there, we have to call a female manager to go in, and that is a pain in the arse.

If I owned the hotel and a person was disturbing other guest I would go and stop the problem.

I used to rental homes for myself and people. A renter would call and say the neighbor or house across the street was making too much noise. I would say,
"Call the police."

Stange, they would not just call the police, but thought I should manage it, I would call the police, however because I was not the offended person, it became a legal questions. A person has to complain themselves legally.

The police are very good in Indiana abou this type of problem. You complain, they come and stop the problem.

If I had a person making too much noise in my house, I evicted for illegallity of purpose.

Somewhere under the right to the pursuit of happines lies stops the right to having a person with alarm clocks in the USA.

Thailand may or may not have this type of rights, on the other hand, I probably have the right to beat him or her senseless providing I pay the police for the right.

All this come down to me never understanding why a hotel does not know their job is to protect the quiet and my safety from outside sources. You would be amazed at the level of agression I can muster when a Tour Agent comes and knocks on my door.

I can bounce them right out of the hotel.

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