Maybe I go Into Hiding

Maybe I go Into Hiding
There is a large expatriate internet site called,

A few years ago, they were about the Art of Escaping the madness of the USA or something along them lines. Now, I would say it is a site to help expats who wish-they-never-purchased real estate to sell to un-suspecting people.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Monday, February 4, 2008
Andy of ---

The site is a good site, has many informative links, however semi has stopped telling me how to escape and more about how to,
- Buy the USA in another country. -

I have felt myself taking a long slippery ride down a meandering road, and I now can see at the end of the road is what I have been trying to escape all my life. More or less the idea, I need to buy a car, get a job, work nine to five and go to the Mall.

I still believe marriage between man and women is great.

I have been considering or planning my escape again, how to distance myself from this world I despise. How to avoid the people in the word who are too busy, now I have learned, I also have to avoid tourist. They are exporting a nasty culture to every what used to be paradise on the planet. Travel has changed completely in the last 10 years, it is not the same.

Truly the only solution is to put my ear on the railway track, listen hard so the wayfinding signs. Try to listen to the quiet whispers of what is left of true backpackers, mixed in with what is now tourist walking around with backpacks. Find the gossip, the noise, the small truths where to find the places yet not conquered by the cell-phone culture.

In a way a new traveler of the planet has to become an explorer, a seeker of where to go, and tell each other how to escape. The true paradises on the planet are cheap, and hidden behind the noise made by drones called tourist.

I am not joking, I am in one of them epiphany days of life, where I can feeling myself getting up walking out the door. I Hobo works to travel, and how to not become the slave to the work is the escape.

Maybe I go Into Hiding


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They say that if you meet the Buddha on the road you should kill him. The Buddha you meet is not the Buddha, but simply you applying your desires and longings onto a person. If you make this person your role model, you will be disappointed when you realise he is not the Buddha.

I wonder if the same is true about paradise.

First I thought, if I find paradise, don't tell anyone! This, I think, is the message of the film The Beach. Palolem Beach was a paradise once. Now it is a theme park. Any place that re-creates itself for tourists has become a package deal. 'Adventure without risk is Disneyland' (Douglas Coupland). If you can buy a mug with the place name on it, you ain't in paradise.

Now I'm thinking, if you find paradise on the road, hightail out of there. If you go into paradise you'll ruin it.

I hope this makes sense...

Makes 100 percent sense Ash, very good.

Paradise for me is different than Paradise for you, the problem for me is the tranformation of Backpacker into Tourist with Backapacks.

All places or destinations change, this is guaranteed. Therefore we need to continually explore, seek the next paradise.

Your comment:
"I also have to avoid tourist. They are exporting a nasty culture to every what used to be paradise on the planet. Travel has changed completely in the last 10 years, it is not the same."

My comment:
I couldn't agree with you more! Frankly, the area you are staying in is quite depressing to me. Friend you need to get out of that Khao San Road backpacker culture, and go to a hotel cheaper than $150USD a night, in a more "authentic Thai" area of Bangkok!

Just my humble opinion.

How does $15 a night sound? (500 baht). I've lived for five years up in Isaan (Northeast Thailand), but when I go to BKK, I always stay in a very convenient B&B about a 5-minute walk from the Thonglor stop on the BTS line. They have a convenient, quiet internet area (about 3 computers, never crowded), a coffee shop, and a great bookstore (lots of books in English). The breakfast is a simple tea/coffee/hot chocolate with toast/butter/jam. Rooms have air conditioning with TV. Small rooms. Downside: shared bathrooms (but clean), and no good window views.

Contact Information:
Buri Bed & Breakfast
58/14-15 Soi Thonglor, Klongton Nua, Wattana;
phone 02-714-1508-9;

Good luck!
"Toptuan" in Isaan

I am in Bangkok to work on webpage. The Hotel I am in has 24/7 free Internet WIFI connection high speed in my room.

It is not fair to expect a person to read all 3500 post, or all 207 newsletters.

I am talking about tourist, and the need to increase the distance from them. I just spent 7 months in Africa, and trust me in compared to Togo, Ghana, etc, Thailand is the biggest Tourist Trap on the planet after France.

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