Can I Blog about Cuba

Can I Blog about Cuba
I was try to figure out, can I legally travel to Cuba and blog about it? I have been tentatively thinking about traveling from Mexico to Cuba.

USA citizens are not allowed to fly from the USA to Cuba, however as I understand it Cuba has open arms to allow us to enter… hehehe

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I will have to dwell on this issue, how I feel, what I think. I just want to go and see Cuba. I on the other hand 100 percent support the USA political stance. It would be fun to see Cuba before and after Castro. There is a rumor about a big party in Cuba when the government changes and opens up, if it does open after Castro...

Can I Blog about Cuba


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As a US citizen, I understand you may visit Cuba, but ... you cannot spend one cent whilst there, unless you have a special permit as a journalist, researcher, humanitarian travel etc. see here
I do find it ironic you want to see first hand the results of an unfair embargo you support 100%.

Go there, see it, but don't write about it publicly -- your readership is great enough for it to get back to the Department of Treasury.

I reccommend you go. I really want to go myself, but it is £700 to fly direct from UK to Havana, and the USA will not allow me to travel from Florida to Cuba. I do not have £700 ($1400 US)

Suffice it to say, I do not approve of the USA stance toward Cuba at all. But I am interested in what you'd make of Cuba, regardless of your political stance. I suspect I'll learn something :o)

The UK is a Great place Ash. I wonder if you think you might have the money, the earning power if you lived in the USA and not the England.

Would you have the 700/1400 if you lived in the USA?

The main reason I do not have money is because I am a full-time student at college. So I don't think I would have much money in any country, unless perhaps they give you a university education for free and money to live.

I live in college residences, and have 2 jobs, but the residence is in the most expensive part of London. I live in bank credit.

This summer, I will be working full time here, and will probably make quite a lot of money. But I worked out, probably not enough money to have $1400 spare after paying off the bank and saving some for my final year.

But yeah, as a student I'm not a good case-study for economics!

Yes, I have forwarded your post to the treasury department so you'll face a hefty fine when you get back.

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