Brown Skin Become White Skin

Brown Skin Become White Skin
There are skin-whitening creams on the planet, there are people that rub or use creams and foams to become whiter.

There are people who think White skin is better.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Friday, February 8, 2008
Andy of ---

I do not know what to do, I found this in my shower, it appears the Thai girl is using this stuff on her skin. I keep telling her I like the color of her skin, however there is something China White that is culturally ingrained in her mind, that it is better to be white.

I will go to the beach to get tan, and she wants to be white, I can never get my mind around an idea of being someone else than who I am...

Brown Skin Become White Skin


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I really don't know is that funny or sad. Why would people want to be whiter? Just look at M.Jackson and what did he do of himself. So i agree with you, be who you are, be yourself.


I can never get my mind around an idea of being someone else than
who I am...

Well, you go the beach to get darker than you really are. I quote you:

I can never get my mind around an idea of being someone else than who I am...

How nice it is to console your lovely bathroom friend that she is beautiful the way Buddha made her.

white skin is more prone to skin cancer. god had made every one to suite the climate. countries like india and china are exposed to high uv is designed to that overcome that..but it is an advantage in colder countries wher uv index is less...well ther is a term called ''black beauty''

But it's easy to advice others.The person who is suffering knows how hard survive with dark skin..So guys think before what you say.. :@

get lost..............................

OMG I HATE WHITE SKIN!!!! i like tan!! :D

its all thesame
some people want to get a tan
some people want to be white
im asian and in the winter im white but in summer i get brown
i rather stay white cuz for asians its prettier.
Look at SONG HYE KYO, jeon ji hyun, etcetera.
doesnt always have to be Michael jackson..

some people put on lots of tanning cream and want to be brown.
and I want to stay white.
no offense

When I first arrived in the Philippines, I commented to my wife (back then she was my FUTURE wife) about all the huge billboards for White Skin treatments in Manila.

My wife stated Filipinos want white skin, white babys. I told her, but in North America women spend billions of dollars in travel to Mexico and tanning salons to get skin tones JUST LIKE A FILIPINO

Her response was brilliant!


There is nothing so lovely as the soft sheen and coco powder color of the Island Girls...I hope the chemical companies fail miserably at turning the natural beauty of the Filipina into some white paste of a skin color.....blechhhh!!

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It's a terrible injustice to ones entire culture, to brainwash people into thinking they are
not good enough. I say celebrate who you are. And stop teaching your children that
they would be better with a complexion and features that are not there's but belongs to another culture. It's self-hatred. This behavior is so sad!

I also saw jumbo billboards, bigger than I've seen anywhere else on Earth in Manila. The ones that didn't advertise skin-whitening soaps and creams and cosmetics nonetheless featured wristwatch models, clothing models, jewelry models and pale-skin actors selling their TV shows, suburban homes, sports equipment and other... Quite obvious to observers of 80 large vinyl billboards that 'successful, glamorous people are pale.'
'By golly, look at the white people from the U.S. who come here to work in banks or for Toyota or San Miguel or Coke. And white people from U.S., Australia, N.Z. and Europe obviously earn enough to vacation or even retire here. If I can't can't get education and go to Australia or America, by golly, I'll but whiteneing soaps and lotions and facepaint and carry an umbrella to try to differ from my countrymen!'

I have brown tan-ish skin.My friend alana makes fun of me and called me black in front of agroup (so embarassing!).Id love an olive skin. Very lite skin is nice just not white please help me.

How much it take ?
i get brown from sun
and i wanna to get to my real color

oh? Nivea has skin whitening cream products also? Didn't know this....

Well... i guess humans are always wanting what they don't have, it's just in human psychology...

when you are hot, you want to be cold
when it is summer, you want winter
when it is night, you want day

and I don't mean this as temporary.... just imagine if it's hot 38 C all the year around, wouldn't you want to go to a cooler place?

Just Imagine if it's summer all the year around, wouldn't you want to see snow once in a while...

what if, if you have night all the day around.... like what we get here near north pole in winter.... Wouldn't you want to see bit of sun?

It's the same with the people who have only one skin color in their whole life time.... wouldn't they want to try something else? "I am white and I am sick of it... I want to try tanning" and the other way around...

It's not a big deal.... and people are not always happy the way they are... some want changes...

I think being in black colour is nothing but agods gift...........................original colour is the best colour......................

I think that ppl should get the appearence they want. Some of those dumbs saying "accept yourself as you are"'s just ridiculous...if you dont like something on your body go there and change matter how...genetics are random...they don't say what you gotta be...your will is gonna tell you what you are going to be!!!

Just accept ur real skin... Important is its not dry... U should moisturized ur skin so it will look healthy and smooth.... Then either its black or white when its healthy it look good.,..

i want to be white, white women get our black men and they will do anything for a white woman. i'm going thru a divorce my husban want a white women. her skin was prityer . lol

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