Bangkok to Chicago Air Ticket

Bangkok to Chicago Air Ticket
24,100 Thailand Baht buys a one way Air Ticket from BKK to CHI on March 2, 2008 for a Hobo Traveler by the name of Andy.

Time to check in with the Home Team, and breath the fresh air, sleep in clean sheets, and revel in the absolute quiet of Indiana.

I will fly to the USA on March 2 and stay for about 10 days, then I plan on going to Africa and travel in a place where the guidebooks seem to forgot.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road Area
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Andy of ---

I stopped in the USA a year ago and left on February 22, 2007, so I guess on this jaunt I will have left the home team for over a year.

Bangkok to Chicago Air Ticket


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Good to hear,

I am making up my escape plan to Africa as well. Man, those tickets to the USA from Bangkok have gotten expensive! I was convinced last year that I could make it back to the USA for under $400. Nope. had a couple leads but I would have had to of waited around for two months to leave. I wanted to go the same week haha. After taking two whole days and bothering almost every travel agent in the entire city, I paid about the same amount as you did. I thought I was getting the corkscrew . . . but that price seems to be the going rate.

Say a big howdy to the homeland for me.


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