Thank God for Travel

Thank God for Travel
Thank God I am outside the USA for 2008, it is annoying to read about the Presidential Race on the Internet, it could be TV torture for one year inside the country of the USA.

I cannot imagine listening to Presidential Candidates for the next year.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 4, 2008
Andy of ---

What we think about is who we are.

There are two things I do not want to think about, politics and how they make sausage.

Obama Clinton and Edwards
- The Usual Suspects

Is that Edwards guy a used car salesmen, my bullshit meter breaks every time he opens his mouth.

Thank God for Travel


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It's bad enough in Britain! The amount of background info they give about each candidate, anyone would think we had to vote aswell!

Same dogs, different colors.


Edwards is the scumbag lawyer that sues doctors that have the nerve to dare try save lives and if the fat load of diabetes doesn't get fixed like new and win a beauty pagent Edwards is the man to call to get your reward,causing incredible insurance premiums for everyone.

Obama was a Harvard coke user that is palatable to the white community because he is "well spoken".

Hillary fail to keep the President of the U.S.A happy with a simple B.J. She couldn't even do that for the country.

on the other side John McCain. He feel he is Owed the Job having spent 6 1/2 years in a Vietnamese prisoner of war camp and having served in the senate for many years.

Mitt Romney is the "Mormon" candidate that everyone likes to mention that you know they don't drink Alcohol like the Muslims !!

Ron Paul is the lone sane candidate in a room of nuts. He is a MD and quite reasonable person who has no chance because he is honest.

Rudy Guliani was the Mayor of NYC when when the 9-11-01 attack occurred. He also put away a few mobsters and would be a good FBI director but not a president.

Mike Huckabee is the candidate that the democrats want be cause he was a real estate salesman turned Bible precher,turned Lt. Governer of Arkansas and became govener because the current governor at the time was convicted of taking kickbacks and fraud etc. FUN fact he is Also from HOPE,Arkansas birthplace of president Clinton. He call tell you to go to HELL in such a way that you would really be looking forward to the trip.

Dennis Kucinich is reasonable also but once saw a U.F.O Playing to the U.F.O.crowd of believers was not a good move. He does have the Hottest wife that puts Nicole Kidman to shame. She British tall,redhead smart,just a 9.99. Unfortunately she can not run not being born in the U.S.A and I don't think she 35 her when your alone and in the mood :)

can I send you an Absentee ballet ?


I am on a need to know basis.
I do not need to know anything, I am saying, Thank God for Travel so I do not have to listen to this.. hehehe

Very good rundown.

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