Somebody Eat this Thai Dog

Somebody Eat this Thai Dog
Thailand Dogs are mean, mangy, a truly problem dog on the planet, and nobody cares if they bite me, you, or your child.

I have great pride in the fact; I hit a mangy Thai dog with a rock at 25 meters in Ranong, Thailand where it was trying to ambush me. It was a great throw. Thailand dogs are mean, not watched, and roam around looking like this.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 18, 2008
Andy of ---

I was walking by this dog, or trying to avoid getting too close because sometimes Thailand dogs nip at you. The people sitting at the restaurant were also watching this dog.

A mangy Thailand mutt, Thailand people and Asian people will eat about anything; I really think Dogs should be on the menu for them. I would not touch one of them sausages they eat, them hotdog on stick things for less than 500 dollars.

Nevertheless, they pay for it, so here is a dog, grind it up and make into sausage please. Alternatively, eventually I will learn how to do bad things to dogs, this is not a game, and they are truly dangerous.

Dogs at night can be a real hazard; the ones in Thailand do not respond well to the bend over and pick up a rock trick. I think they are beat, mean, and uncaring, they are Thai dogs. That look the other way, deny it exist cruelty Asia is good at.

Somebody Eat this Thai Dog


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I started going with the assumption that if the dogs are on the street, they're probably not in my food.

No dogs = watch the meat.

The dog is on the street because some idiot threw it out when it ceased being cute and cuddly. You encourage cruelty towards animals?

Anonymous, you are brain dead stupid, too stupid to know how stupid you are.

And you sound like an uneducated child. Why is it stupid to say what I just said? Explain please. In Bangkok, where i lived many years ago whilst working there, I became involved with an animal shelter. It is common for Thai families to buy a cute puppy from JJ market and when it grows up and isn't so cute they just sling it out the gate and get another one. They then breed etc etc. There has been attempts for many years now to encourage neutering of pet dogs and education of dumb ass people who don't how to look after them. But your wisdom of telling people to throw rocks at dogs is helpful how???
That is informed and accurate. Now lets here your explanation that's so intellectual and accurate. I challenge you to say something intelligent for a change and argue like an adult rather than a spoilt kid. Over to you.

the most hazard animal is human, like you that throw rocks on that hungry and weak dog.
you don not know how can human be wild

Dear Andy hobotraveler, you mentioned that you’re a U.S. citizen therefore I believe it is safe for me to assume that you are aware of the current crisis that has robbed so many people of their jobs, income and homes. Millions of people are homeless in America. Out of those, approximately 750,000 Americans are homeless due to mental illness, drug abuse, physical and mental abuse, lack of or low education, developmental disabilities and the stigma of HIV/AIDS (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2001). A number of them are likely to get arrested for criminal activity. So what do we do? It seems like you have solved the nation’s biggest problems Andy. Maybe you should write to the President and advice him on how to tackle with the rising crime and homelessness. Grind all homeless trouble makers up, make them into sausages and ship them to Asian countries because as per your observation Asians will eat anything.

Incase you didn’t notice, animals are living things with heart and soul. You can’t discount them as nuisance to the planet because they can’t create a blog to tell the world about the amount of cruelty they have to endure from the so called civilized people. Animals are more human than you can ever be. If there are so many dogs out there on the street it’s because people abandon them. If they’re mangy it’s because they live on the streets in very harsh conditions and if some of them are mean it’s probably because people like you throw rocks at them. If you don’t have the ability to show any compassion towards animals then do them a favor and just ignore them but please don’t be mean to them. And if that is also not possible then I truly hope you get a chance to walk a mile in their shoes (or in this case in their paws) before suggesting they be put on the menu. I'm sure that one mile will be a good travel experience you can add to your blog.

P.S.**It is true that some people will eat anything but that is only because they don't have the luxury of paying $500 for a hotdog like you do.**


alisa ,... would you let the dog bite your a$$ or take to your home and feed ?

street dogs in asia can really be a menace... but i think its only a minuscule minority that eat eating dog also wil not solve the mangy mutt problem lol

dogs are dogs...... if YOU have a are more or less an Alpha dog... but the street ones are the Alpha beta and the Omega lol

Hey Andy, I fail to understand how Stupid you are too stupid to know you are stupid.

After so many years of should know one basic thing. For indians.. there are only two breeds.. Indians and Foreigners. And culture changes here every 100 kms. and if you go to another asian country you will feel like alien. So.. whats with asians eating dogs...they are just like iceland ppl eating just about anything after thjey use the the animals to pull sledges ?? Can you dig on that ????

Andy, you sir, are a moron.


If you don't like the free roaming dogs in Thailand... please do us a favour!!!
Leave Thailand and don't come back here!!!

These dogs belong in Thailand, you dont !!!

To all those farang who love dogs and show compasion, welcome to Thailand :) :) :)


but if you hate dogs, please stay away.

Some comic relief:

In response to all of the above, I have lived in Thailand for 7 years. Before I begin, let me state that I am a dog fan and have had many in my 54 years on this planet, I love them all big and small. I don't have a dog now because of travel restraints that do not allow me to responsibly care for a dog. Having said this, I came to the realization years ago that having an animal in this country does not require responsibilty or common sense. Yes many dogs on the streets are cast outs but many are owned and cared for (for lack of a better term) by Thai people. Dog training is not a strong point in this country as the fastest way to lose your money in Thailand, other than getting robbed, is by starting a dog training service. When you ask someone in this country why they do not train there dogs, you get a blank look one their faces and their heads tilt slightly, like the canine they own would do when confused. It's not that the dogs are dumb or non-trainable, on the contrary, I find that most are very intelligent and can be easily trained. After all I have conducted long distance training on the neighbors 4 poodles and now they listen to us better than the owners. More on this method later on.

It's just not in there culture. This is why dogs bark and howl all night long and the Thai seem to be able to just tune it out and continue their sleep. However most farang can't do this and many a nights sleep is lost to barking dogs. They will bark when someone is walking 200 meters away from their property and without any good reason. The Thai build most of their fences with concrete 2 feet up and then railings the rest of the way so their dogs can see out and bark at anything that moves. They will walk their dogs by opening the gate and letting the dogs run free up and down the street exciting other dogs and creating an extremely loud chorus of multiple pitched dogs. Being Buddhists they do believe in reincarnation and therefore, they believe that all livings things are derived from reincarnation. So how can you justify training your dead and reborn uncle? Some are very superstitious and believe that the reason dogs bark at night is to frighten away ghosts. My yard must be badly possessed. Also keep in mind that it is a sign of prosperity if you have many dogs in one yard. I know many Thai people with dogs and I rarely see them show affection to their animals, at least not as we would show in west. A pat on the head now and then seems to sufffice. In fact my wife and will give them more affection than they do when we visit and the dogs are so very happy to see us when we come for a visit. When they are released for their solo walks they often come to our home. As such, instead of showing more affection or spending more time with the animals, they tend to think that the animal is just too damn lonely and solve this, they get another one to keep them company, Then when the pair get lonely, they will get another. I think thailand has some of the most lonely dogs on the planet. Spaying or neutering is not the best solution in their eyes so when they have puppies, there is no way they can give them all away or sell them all so they have to keep at least one (you guessed it) to keep the others company. So now you have the older, out of control barking adults, teaching the cute little puppies they fine art of barking at the wind. (or ghosts)

Personally speaking from an experience I have recently had, a new neighbor moved in across my street. They have a beautiful black lab male. He must be the biggest lab I have ever seen. The Thai lady owner said to me when I welcomed them that he weighed 55kg (120lbs). I just love this dog, so well bred and believe it or not, does not bark at anything that moves and is big enough to snack on 99 of the mutts in this complex. He is very well tempered and I wish he was mine. That being said, they too open the gate to walk their dog and soon he developed a habit of pooping on the road directly across from my yard. Now when I sit on my balcony in the morning I have to look at piles of poop (and big piles of poop) not more than 20 feet from my front door and veranda. I have seen him do it as well as spraying buckets of pee on the neighbors gates to mark his territory. Sometimes we get a whiff of not so pleasant nasal stimulation which is always welcome while drinking ones morning coffee. For a while I would pick it up and toss it over the fence into their yard of which the grass has not been cut for 2 months so its not as though they would be able to see it. Mind you it is their dog and his poop and belongs there not on the road Perhaps a better place would be in their mailbox. However not wanting to piss anyone off, (if you can pardon the pun) I did the clean up.

Recently I had enough. I went over to her and decided to nicely ask her to pick up the poop from now on. So as pleasantly and showing as much enamel as I could muster, presented her with the concept. She immediately denied that is was her dog and that it was the neighbors dogs that were the guilty parties. I told her nicely that I have seem him in the act red handed making the deposits I also told her that the poop probably weighed more than the neighbors poodles so it was very hard to accept. Maybe I should have run home for my scale and weighed both in front of her. Anyway, she continued to deny deny deny. (basic Thai culture) So I said "Mai pen lai" (never mind its ok) and went back home frustrated. An hour or so later I was looking out the window and I saw her come out of her home, opened her gate and walk over the the poop zone. I thought "YESSSS-SUCCESS" She looked at it for a few seconds, then bent over and looked and looked and looked at this giant deposit. I though she was going to break out a tape measure and measure both the deposit and then her dog to see if it fit. Then without a thought she went back in her home and the poop was left. Sadness struck and I was wondering where I left my pooper scooper. An hour after that, she came out and picked it up. So all is well that ends well right? Not on.....

For a couple of weeks she picked it up and all was well. Now for the last few days, it has been ignored and now 4 or 5 new piles are greeting me for my morning coffee. So it is time to find a solution best for everyone. Now it is NOT fair to the dog for dogs are dogs and will do what dogs do when no training is implemented. 98 of the time it is the owners and not the dogs and in this country that is more the rule than not. Now for my long distance training technique. I have a high power sling shot. I have used it with success in past and now am forced to use it I will use it when the dog comes to make his deposit. I use balls of dried mud instead or rocks as I don't want to hurt the animal or take out the neighbors window in case of ricochet. It just helps let him know that this is now a "NO POOP ZONE". I just think that non-verbal long distance dog training is the only answer. It is sad but sometimes I think that the dogs may very well possess a higher IQ score than the owners. My friend suggested that I fore go the dog and aim a few mud balls at her when she is looking the other way and thus train her to train her dog.

Anyway, I would appreciate any reasonable and logial solutions to my problem. Now I got to go out and pick up those........hey wait a minute......I just had a great idea. If I let the poop dry in the hot sun for a few days........maybe it would be good ammo. Maybe the dog would least like that over mud balls. Better yet........maybe I could use dried dog poop for ammo on her if I get caught in my rapid fire ecapades. That may be the answer I am looking for. By George....I think i've got it!!!! At worst, a few nights stay at the Thai crowbar hotel if I get arrested for assault with a deadly poop ball. (I think there must be such a law in Thailand) At least then I could get a few good nights sleep. BTW, I love Thailand so please don't tell me to go home If I don't like it, besides this is my home. No country is void of its fair share of problems.


Stinky Fingers

I live in the Philippines and we have the same dogs here. Same dog owners too. Must be a Southeast Asia thing. Complain about the dogs? Not here, someone will pay a visit to your home at night. Then you will be found the next morning face down in the canal.


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