How to Meet Nice Girls While Traveling

How to Meet Nice Girls While Traveling
I have toyed with the idea for years of writing a how to meet nice girls while traveling book.

I am not sure why, I know there is a market, I am 100 percent sure there is a need. I published this page about two years ago so I would not lose the notes I had taken. It is just notes, the start of an outline, and just me having fun doing what I do? Hmmm... yes, I write.

Note time to update again, two years old:
How to Meet Nice Girls While Traveling

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Andy of ---

I come from a very good family; my parents have been married for over 50 years. I became an alcoholic, had many wretched love situations, those confused let us take hostage relationships. I guess one day I learned, if you want to meet nice women, you need to be a nice man.

The whole secret to meeting nice women when traveling is not easy, you first must know what is not a nice woman.

This is the problem; every country has a different lollypop and new and exotic flavors. It is too funny the stories I hear, however at the same time tragic. I just wonder if they read a book, if they would have avoided some of these built for trouble women they marry.

I am happy with my life and for sure meeting girls is not one of the problem I face, I am a 52 year old male, prone to getting fat and life is very good.

People write book upon book on how to meet bad girls, I know there is guys wanting to know how to meet nice girls and friends.

How to Meet Nice Girls While Traveling


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How to meet nice girls while traveling ? Smile,dress smartly,be in reasonable shape (including teeth),shower shave regularly,limit alcohol in front of her,avoid or stop smoking,have a steady income and stop looking for the love of your life in a strip club.

Andy, It need not be a large pamphlet.

Ok, I agree, this shoudl be common sense and what a man should do.

Many working women, women of the night know how to say everything right to make it appear they are nice girls.

Men need trained for each country to figure out the game of bad girls in each country.

I have about 2 to 3 girl per day come up and do what I call the interview.
- Where do you live? -
- Country etc-

The normal Thailand girls says for conversation.
- Bye Nye? -
Where you go?-

If the girls is saying to me, where is your hotel. She want more to know how much money I can afford to pay and how close, does the hotel accept Thai girls and a lot of other not so obvious things.

She knows that some hotels will not allow Thai girls so a problem.

A nice girl does not really care that much which hotel.

Apply this to 252 countries or majore religions and language groups and there is a lot of explaining to do.

What is taboo in one country is absolutely needed to be done in another.

This to me is just for funny talk book, very easy to write for me, and good fun. However, I do not need the book, I shower and do not go in Strip Clubs looking for girls. Plus I have heard the nutty interview questions for 11 years.

I am a nice guy.

"if you want to meet nice women, you need to be a nice man."

If only that were true. When we are younger, the nice girls tend to go after the "bad boys" that treat them like crap. When we are older, this motto works better, but by then many of the women are "damaged" by the bad boys they dated/married when they were young. Maybe in other cultures the women still go after the nice guy, but not much here in the US.

I guess what you need to be is a nice guy that dresses/acts like a bad boy.

Another quote along these lines is: "Everyone is looking for Mr/Miss Right but no one is trying to BE Mr/Miss Right.

Ct_Bob: Well Said and 1000% true.

Why is it something the man should do. All people are different and my mr right could be completely different to someone elses mr right of mrs right. So trying to define what mr or mrs right is, is actually not possible. Fair point on the whole bad boy thing but that's not all girls, some just want someone nice but go for the bad boy cause its easier than meeting a nice guy and him hurting you, your more or less guaranteed that the 'bad boy' will mess up!

My point is don't try be something to please or attract someone else be who you are and the right person will come along when they're meant to!

This idea of waiing for the girl that is meant to come along is the problem. If you wish to meet a girl you need to go out and look, they do not come to look for you.

Who knows the best places. My sister met the minister of a church and married him and in the end it was hell. My cousin met his wife in a bar in Cancun and twenty years later, still happily married. Go figure! If we treat people as people we can meet great friends and romances everywhere, especially while travelling as there is a common bond!

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