Hotels you get what you for

Hotels you get what you for
I have traveled for about 11 years, the first 9 years the hotels were great. These last two years have been good money years, and because of this, I have upgraded from 3-5 dollars a night room to 5-20 dollar rooms. I am now thinking of returning to the cheaper hotels.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 11, 2008
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When a person lives in one city, they learn, this is the place to buy bread, this is the good restaurant, this is the good this is and that. When you travel, you sample all the places the locals know better than to visit, The faster you travel, the more you sample. One reason to return to a city is to return to the good hotels.

What I want to feel is,
- I got my moneys worth -

Nothing-in life, feels worst than to feel you made a bad deal, paid too much or just plain got cheated. I usually got my moneys worth when I was paying 3-5 dollars per night. Now I must fight tooth and nail to get my moneys worth for a room.

I just realized, this might be the reason people surf for days, write me, ask me, and call me to find good rooms. In the end, they refuse to be cheated. This is a little annoying, and I truly feel you must accept in tourist areas that people cheat, I actually work less to find rooms than the average person.

I am 52 years old, have been self-employed all my life, traveled for 11 years, and I can say, you do not get what you pay for. You get what you work for in life, if I want a good employee, I must work hard to find this person. If I want a good room, I must work hard to locate the room.

Sadly, when a person goes cheap, they normally get what they paid for, the amount of money they paid correlates to the value. Then about 50-70 percent of the time with some savvy choice inside the hotel, I get 10-30 times the value.

I now only believe, there is the best room in the hotel, if I do not get that, better to go to another hotel. I give almost zero value to opinions or recommendations from tourist.

Ok, what you are telling me, you are an expert at hotel rooms?
- How many days last year did you live in a Hotel?-
- Oh, 2 weeks in Cancun... yes, you are an expert.

I spent about 355 days in hotels room, and in many countries.

I do use guidebooks, the Internet is still almost worthless to find rooms. What tourist and the Internet does is give clues to where the good rooms are located. The prices of rooms on the Internet is a huge scam.

I do not get what I pay for, best to stay in cheap room and be happy.

Hotels you get what you for


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First of all I think it is kind of funny to be posting info on how useless the internet is... on the Internet!

Secondly if you look around at local hotel directories instead of doing a two word search in google and clicking on the top three results i.e. the huge world-wide databases that are all the same, you can find some really helpful stuff. For instance I was looking for a hotel in Sydney, Australia and I couldn't find squat until I got in contact with a boutique company through this Hotel Directory on the INTERNET, and they were able to not only find me a room that was within my budget but was also in the heart of Sydney. They emailed me about 5 options that suited my criteria and all the prices were correct with no additional fees. I even called them up and they gave me their opinions of the hotels that were available and none of it was hype, just honest info from their own experiences and customer feedback, and believe me I am not a luxury traveler, I stayed for only one month and the rental was aprrox. US$120 a week.

This advice presumes we have an internet connection.... Which when I am moving fast, in Africa is just doe not happen.

I know how to find rooms, I pick up a guidebook. Find the name of about 3-6 hotels in the price range. I think put all the core words in google and search.

A mom and pop page will come up, where someone has decided to list all the hotels in that category.

I think take and hope to find the new hotel, the not listed in guidebook hotel, and the new BEACH, I find the map.

The homemade pages will tell me the price.

However, so much for dreaming. I am normally not going to sit in an internet cafe and search for hotel room. I just go to the center of the area, quiz a couple backpackers in the area. Get a hotel cheap, and upgrade over the next two days.

But, the bottom line is this, I always get my moneys worth when I just rent a cheap room.

Reservations normally means, I am committed to the room, the hotel wishes to give me. If the hotel is full, I am going to have trouble. I refuse to get reservations unless just radically bad city.

I am intrigued when a person uses the world "Boutique."


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