Chasing Zippers in Philippines

Chasing Zippers in Philippines
Zippers for backpack that is, I am going back to Manila on January 19 to chase down zippers. Rodney has found some samples of Number 10 Hasp Sliders for zippers that we need to make backpacks.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Friday, January 11, 2008
Andy of ---

I have been chasing this windmill a long time; I am hoping to soon have a good example of a great zipper pull in my possession. Plus the good part, we can now order them and a couple of months later, I am two steps closer to being able to make a great backpack.

It is every hard to search for these pulls, as I was never before able to show anyone an example only photos. Plus we can test drive them.

It now looks like it is time to get serious about what materials to use, whether Spectra, Cordura, etc. I feel good about the other clips; strangely, there is store besides the grocery here on Khao San Road that has a good selection of clips, buckles, ropes, cord, and strapping.

Next is the need to get all these parts in one location on the planet next to a sowing machine, with a person who is skilled in how to use it. I am sure Rodney can make a great pack, if we can get the correct raw materials in front of him.

I am sure many men in Philippines have paid up 200 dollars for zippers, but this my first time. The round trip ticket from Bangkok to Manila is 7500 Baht, about 200 USA. I was not willing to risk having these shipped to me, I have hunted too many places for this zipper pull. Strangely, I have talked to tons of YKK distributor people and shown them the picture, and finally we got one to get serious.

Now with an example we can also commission companies to make them to our specs.

The Asia gouge sales mentality is goes out of control when the think I am buying something I cannot buy from anyone else. Truth is, I feel a trip to Japan is on the way.

Chasing Zippers in Philippines


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Best zippers for the peso are in the L.A.Cafe They work they way you dream about. But you know that.

Thank you. I am not so opposed to explaining countries. It is a huge problem to use words that change the over all theme of the site.


Glad you have finally tracked down a source for the elusive number 10 hasp slider zipper component.

Will you have two designs as you carry two packs? At least I think you have two. (One day pack for things you never check on a flight, and a larger pack that you might.)

For what it's worth I'm using a day pack that has a combination of rip-stop and military grade ballistic nylon. Light weight (1kg) yet very durable and water repellent. I'm happy with it for my purposes.

After looking up the Spectra and Cordura material details, they seem to be superior in the durability category.

I just wonder about the relative weight. As a confessed lightweight fanatic, I'm always curious as to the weight differential in various materials and products.

I've seen ergonomic studies that show a person should carry a maximum of 15 percent of their body weight if using a backpack. If more, they say it should be on wheels. Your previous post showed you had a 30 kilo lifestyle, and I wonder how much of that is wheeled and how much is on your back (if any).

According to this a 90kg (198lbs) person carrying the max of 15 percent would be 13.5kg (30lbs). I'm in decent shape yet I feel even 10 percent is a lot on my back when walking long distances (which I rather enjoy at times).

It's none of my business, but if I were designing packs I'd take this into consideration when looking at capacities, materials, the likely items it might contain, all the associated weights of such, as well as the intended users.

Slightly off topic, sorry...

Zippers; that's one area I wish I had better security on my pack. I can lock the main compartments, but I think it really only keeps out the amateur thieves.

Wish you well on your backpack project. A custom pack is truly the only way to get exactly what you want/need.


Confusing to explain, however I am making a carry on size, that will convert to double that size. I can carry two bag of equal size, one on front and one on back, and the sizes could double.

Both bags will have optional, I will use wheels. A backpack is not needed except for steps and mud, trains and bad terrain.

Waterproof and super lightweight, we are trying to keep bag under one kilo, or less.

Balaning of front and back makes carrying bags easier, but to me on top of the head make more sense.

One zipper to lock per bag, but opens easy to expose all, layers and such to stop knives, and it is a system.

I plan on making extensive videos to explain.

Forgot, we have a list of about 300 items carried, and engineered into the pack how to carry all of them.

A person needs to collect all the items they want to take before they buy a bag. Weight it, size it, then buy the bag.

hi..i would just like to ask if you could help me in looking for a zipper puller manufacturer here in the Philippines? please. i really need your help..

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