Around the World Trip Planning Map

Around the World Trip Planning Map
How to plan a trip around the world that never ends. I find I am running out of countries that I just accidentally decide to visit, I need to plan a little, but not much.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Andy of ---

Each circle is where a person can easily spend 3-6 months.

17. 5 Year Plan
35 x 6 months and it will take you 17.5 years to visit planet earth.

9 Year Plan
35 x 3 month plan and you are in around 9 years, I must be on the 17.5 year plan or moreā€¦

When I look at this map, I will try to plan on visiting one the RED areas that corresponds with the months. The middle area is the tropics, and most area are best when not high tourist season.
Damn, there are problem, this is why I draw a map, to clarify.

BLUE LINE --- Addition: I have been to these regions, that is not to say I will not go again.

Around the World Trip Planning Map


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I noticed you pretty much have the entire globe circled, except perhaps Canada. What's the deal with that?
love your blog!

Funny, I've been doing this the last few days.

At the end of the summer, I will have 2-3 weeks where I could go on a holiday somewhere. I was trying to decide all the places i'm interested in, that I can afford, and that aren't next door to other places I'm interested in.

No sense going to Mediterranean Europe, because I'm interested in all of it, and it makes sense to do it all at once. Same with Indo-China, same with South America.

So I need to go someplace small enough to see a lot of in 3 weeks. I'm thinking either Moscow or Iceland. Neither is next door to some other cool place for me.

I notice I missed a circle on Montreal - Quebec area, this was why I said Damn. I also spent a month or so in Montreal already. There was a natural tendancy to not circle the places I may not go back too.

This map is more or less saying, these are the regions a person can go to and travel easy in this region. When I go outside the circle, it is a jump, not a hop. Jumps to me are when I have to do a 300 U.S. dollar plane trip.

Example: 100 dollars from Bangkok to Philippines, so in the same area.

Big problems for Africa because the jump in and out is about 600 US dollars, so not same strategy.

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