A Hobo Wanders Towards Home

A Hobo Wanders Towards Home
I am writing in a my schedule a trip to the USA. I guess it is not penciled in, I seem to have lost the pencil.

Nonetheless, I am semi... sort of... thinking this may be a good route towards home...
Andy - Made in the USA

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I have been working out a game plan for the next few months with Jeroen.

Maybe first of March
1. Fly to Hong Kong, go over to China and say Hello, probably nod or bend at them.
2. Fly to England and hopefully say Hello to Roughguides Editor.
Say something like "Good Fun "
3. Fly to Bermuda and say Hello to bikinis, look for rich women hiding money.
4. Fly to Chicago and say Hello to some Genetically Perfect parents.
5. Fly to Dublin and find something…
6. Wander by land to Portugal and look at beaches, say
- Fala Portuguessa - badly
(Stop in France and see if I have an French African accent?)
7. Fly to Sao Tome, a small Island in tucked in the corner of Africa. I am not sure if this is Central, East, West, etc, not sure that is important. It may be the heart of Africa, I may have visited some of the other body parts.

Wander to Cameroon, DRC, Congo and get very happy, and then get very tired, delusional and fly to somewhere else.

Bermuda, Portugal, Ireland and Sao Tome would be new countries.

A Hobo Wanders Towards Home


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Hi Andy!

I have been to Ireland and can say it is a nice place. Dublin is pricey but I suggest Galway and Cork. In Cork you have the famous Blarney Castle. Galway is a nice town all together. As for Portugal, flying is cheaper than overland. Ryanair.com is your friend here. Ditto that for France.

The Travel Addict

I will have about 30-40 Kilos of baggage for Africa. Ryanair.com is off the rader expensive for me.

Easyjet.com works.

I on the other hand would love to take a bus in day hours from Ireland to Portugul

Airports look like Airports, and big citie look like big cities.

One of these days I will buy a van and travel Europe. Licensing and Insurance for an American still seems nebulous.

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