A Gift to My Children

A Gift to My Children
I do not have children, however, if I did, I would teach them.

Manila Philippines - Southeast Asia
Malate Mabini Ermita
Monday, January 21, 2008
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

I would take them to what the world believes is a dangerous place, so they would know the world is safe. Maybe Iraq, Colombia or Africa.

I would take them to South America for two months and teach them a language so they somehow accept that learning a language is easy, possible and nothing to be afraid of.

I would try to teach them to

To type so they can use a computer.
Read books, not magazines, not papers, but books.

I would teach them manners and respect for all humans. Hello, Please, Thank You, Excuse me, and learn to say them even when the other person does not, or evey understand English.

I would show them poverty, suffering, and lack of hope until they were grateful.

I am not sure how to do this, but maybe taking them to South America to live in some village of Colombia for three months would work. No, maybe better to Africa, where even travelers are now afraid to go, and who knows why.

I think at age 12-16, this would open a door and eyes of the world. It is an extremely safe planet, all is possible if we are willing to read and learn.

No fear of life, this they can only learn by leaving the resort.

I think two months in China would make them American again, somehow to stop the noise in the USA that covers the truth.

A Gift to My Children


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If these places are all so safe how come we never see you in Kandahar, Bahgdad or Basra but instead you are always taking it easy in Bangkok? But of course this comment will not make it to the screen.

As best I can tell you are one of the Thailand perverts that hangs around trying to find people in Thailand.

I just returned from West Africa where I spend 7 months.

I went to Iraq just two months after the heavy fighting ended.

Search on this site and you perverts who only go to Thailand would know this. However all you are concerned with is Thailand and the Philippines, therefore the reat of the world does not exist.

I buy plane tickets from Bangkok to fly to other places. If you read anything or could learn to read, you would see the outline of a trip that end in Sao Tome Central Africa where I will spend another five months or who knows how long.

I am starting to despise the readers that start to read when I enter Thailand or Philippines as they are predatory lurkers, sitting at the computer searching for perverted things.

If you do not know I was just in West Africa for sure you do not read this blog, just read when I am Thailand.

You don't know me but say I am a pervert, interesting. Very child-like mind that springs to an insult when challenged.
I don't live in Thailand and I am not a pervert. Which one of us spends most time in Manila, Bangkok and Colombo??
I read your blog occasionally (not enough real substance for any more than that) and whenever I drop in you are either on your way to Bangkok or just leaving. You spent a short time in Iraq, allegedly, and talk about it as if you were there for years. Lets see you in Kabul or Iraq again and get some serious meat in your blog. It could be quite something you have here if you didn't keep bogging from Bangkok.
Anyway, I don't live in Bangkok and can't stand the place. I have actually visited, extensively, more countries than you so ease down with the insults. I only commented because I think you have a great opportunity to make a wonderful blog here.

Take it easy "Francis". He probable is a new reader. Now I do remember a picture about your favorite transvestite rice shop, but you took that down because you had second thoughts about what it may connotate ? How the hell do you jump to accusing him of being a pervert when all he said was "your taking it easy in Thailand" He never suggests he ever went to Thailand. This was a blog about a gift to YOUR children. I think early Alzheimer's is setting in. Your being 52 y.o. and single I wouldn't worry teaching them much more than how to push a wheelchair.

I wrote this in the internet cafe, with no prepartion.

I was thinking of my nephews, and friends children. I do not want to preach to them, give them the Uncle Andy, you need to do this lecture. I accept that I can only change myself, I cannot change others.

The guilt people have as parents is well deserved. I do my best to be a good example to my nieces and nephew who more or less ignore me.

The did interview me as one of the people they most admire. Not the same, seems to be school project.

The truth is, this was a post, I made in love, in hope, of teaching, or saying to the world.

The world is a safe place, come out and visit other countries. Learn a language, find out how we are all the same, not different.

I wonder if I hit a nerve in the anonymous person. Somehow they are angry at me as I gave some heartfelt ideas.

These are not rules, they are just some thoughts, what is important in life is everyones intentions.

This is not an all or nothing world, there is just as good as reason to visit Togo as there is Iraq. I am am American traveling as a foreigner in all countries. I know I am not the center of the universe and have no right to make rules for the planet.

I do have a right to have opinions, and to me I am amazed how many angry people out there sitting in the loneliness of their homes really feel inadequate. I am not saying to feel bad, I am saying, just stop outside and enjoy life. Be proud of who you are, I am, I make zero apologies for any country I visit, I travel with the best intentions. Am I a saint, no, but I do my best.

Read post of the other 76 countries I traveled before commenting.

I still think Anonymous is a pervert feeling guilty because he was surfing around on Thailand pages...

I truly think about just making the comments areas not possible to use. Why have commments just a bunch of people somehow angry when a person write on the internet. I am here, this is my home, this is my page.

There are truly people who spend their whole time on Thailand and Philippines pages. This person fits the stereotype, does not read, makes quick judgments, and fits the description.


I love your idea for your gift for your children. With that kind of humanitarian upbringing you will grow up future leaders to help make our world a better place to live. Good luck and I wish you the best.

I think that if you had children they would be very fortunate to have you as a father. I find it fascinating that you do what you do. Take care.

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