Videos Uploading make me Angry

Videos Uploading make me Angry
I am very confused, I want have my friend, family and readers see videos. A video or small movie can explain better what I am seeing at the edge of the planet.

Mom and Dad, click on this link, and then tell me if you can see it?
Elephant Ride Toy In Philippines Mall

Quezon City, Philippines - Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Andy of ---

We will make you famous! Upload your video?

Put me on TV, win 500 dollars, and be awarded the best of the best
Blah Blah Blah.

I received my third offer this week; my bullshit meter is going off in high squawking, squeaky annoying sounds. Turn off that noise before I slap you silly.

The GOAL of videos for Andy, my goal, not yours…
Use a video to explain better and more accurately what I saw and experience than photos or words.

I by design, and pre-meditated do not edit, cut, try to mix or interpret the videos I make, I try to document what may or may not be important and give it to people to learn and enjoy.

I also want to allow you to download the movie, distribute, show, and view as you wish. I am not selling these videos, I am more or less giving them to you to enjoy with copyrights intact.

I think or other similar services may be working against my goals. I am not sure, it is good to put these videos on, however, it is a plus not a reason for the video. I think I need to upload all these videos to my server, and save, backpack, and protect. I want you to be able to download, which is not the goal of

I am confused, I do know one thing, and I cannot upload videos to every site that ask me to upload. I am a true traveler, I am very lucky when I get this huge file up one time. I do not know exactly, however, I am going to somehow give permission to others to upload to these services and use. I guess I can put some credits below on the videos so people do not steal.

I think is a nice service, I think in less than 2 years, I will have the same type of video hosting with my own hosting company. I do not think the technology of will be the only player. I believe the future is that every website will allow you to upload videos.

I do not know, I think many companies promise the hard working person some dream of being famous. 1 in a million will have this dream, and it is a dream they are selling us. I think I am going to take this hook out of my mouth.

If a person can watch this, then it becomes extremely complicated to put up on Analogous sending a PDF file, the majority of people can read it, even when they did not understand why.

I do not believe I will get large amounts of traffic by putting my videos in I think I will get a traffic on my site by giving videos to my readers to view.

I am not saying is not a nice thing, I am saying it not the best answer for a person who has a webpage.

I can be cynical and say why do I want to make famous, or I can say, how do I get paid for all this work. I keep trying to keep my eye on the goal, the goal is to allow readers to view, with the least amount of headaches.

A few years ago, people could not see this video; I think 90 percent can now click on this link and watch.
Elephant Ride Toy In Philippines Mall

I had a company ask me to upload this video, as it this small video was great. It was more or less a fun video, and for sure not a great video, therefore I was a concerned about why they wanted me to upload. I did not bite the bait, but some very good bait.

I think this links will work better form my parents on a slow dialup in the farmlands of Indiana.

Videos Uploading make me Angry


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I figure, if my Mom and Dad can use my site, I am doing well.

Hi Andy, I put the video on and when it came on it was very cute. We had no idea the elephants walked around the mall. Our USA kids would really like that. Thanks. We had the sound too because we I finally learned how to work it. ...
love prayers mom dad

My friend Steve was helping to have a downloader option with Foxfire, and here I skip all that and just give you the movie.

Andy please ask where these Elephants are made and how much.

Hey Andy when did you stop being a comedian ? Or should I say start ?

As it stands, I believe that if you convert your video file to .flv (flash video) on your computer, then upload it to a folder on your webspace that also contains a flv-player (you can download these for free, with the liscence to re-use on your own webspace).

then make a HTML page that includes the player and tells it to play video1.flv (for example) and bob's your uncle.

the advantage to this is that once you have the flv-player on your webspace, you can do most of your work offline. and .flv video files are much more compressed than many other formats, so it's quicker to upload.

that is how you can pretty much run a 'HoboTube' right here. The most complicated bit is probably finding a program to convert your video file to .flv, but i'm sure they're around (and probably free).

Exactly Ash,
I think soon everyone will have a youtube capabiity on their page and this feature will not be needed in

Like me using Yahoogroups or Google Groups, the ideas is they get me readers. DUH...?

I got a few, maybe 1 per year being part of this service, however they do make money.

Elephant Toy! I went at the Ever GoTesco Mall in Quezon, City. The girl more or less just said she work there. She did not speak English. I looked for tags and could not find any.

I NEED a Philippine person to ask.

Hi Andy, We looked at that video on our computer at home. It takes about30 minutes to get it on but we just need to be patient and it works fine. It was so cute. I am going to try some other ones and see if I have better luck than your dad. ...
The weather is better today. love prayers mom dad

What is it? The link or the video? I think the link worked better as she is 75 years old. This is difficult, however when I know my mother is watching the videos with no problem, I can hope the world can view. She is in on a Dialup Connection from Verizon, and highspeed is not available in the small town.

This is the real work, not some highspeed super techie world.

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