Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children

Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children
6:02 am, the sun is creeping into the street valleys of Manila, and it is prime time to photograph street children. The city is waking up, rubbing its eyes, rolling around on the concrete and grumpy.
Welcome to Manila, Philippines.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December 18, 2007
Andy of ---

Welcome to the Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
1588 Pedro Gil Corner MH Del Pilar, Malate
Manila, Philippines
Tel: +63 2 245 1234
Fax: +63 2 247 1234
Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila

I truly believe Street Children are one of the best tourist attractions of the Philippines. It is not everyday you can walk out your multiple star Hotel and instantly smell piss, then see some of the best sleaze on the planet. The Hyatt is one block from maybe one of the most famous freelance girl bars on the planet, the L.A. Café, another great reason to come to Manila.

What a blurry photo, I was ready to hit the delete button, when I thought, no this is about the feeling I get. I try to blur my eyes and not look when I see these never-ending and endless reruns scenes in the streets of the Philippines. Probably what a person sees as he or she walks out of the Hyatt Casino in the morning… (The lighting is bad, the sun is rising.)

I was not raised to take notice of this, my manners tell me, it is not polite to look and stare at people less fortunate than me, I am suppose to allow them to have pride, dignity and treat them as fellow humans. Therefore best to blur my eyes and pretend I did not see this, and for sure, I know it is not good manners to photograph.

These photos and video were photographed immediately in front of Hyatt Hotel in Manila, Philippines.

25.2 MGS wmv (Follow-Mom)
Click here to see what 20 Pesos can buy, I purchased the permission to annoy, photograph and video street children for 50 Cents U.S. Keep your eyes peeled, the little boy has 20 peso in his hard. Not everyday you can see mothers kick at their kids either.
Hyatt Street Children Manila

I am angry, pissed off, and become predatory when I think about these photos, I want to go hunt down and kill NGOs and Orphanages who would pay to purchase this type of video from me, I know they will write, this video is a whopper, great marketing fodder for the take you money and do nothing groups of the planet.

This video is just too damn easy to take, any day of any week in the Philippines I can take photos and videos like this. It is 100 percent obvious to me, any Philippines Orphanage that needs these photos are con men, they are making money at the expense of these people, they for sure do not need to buy photos from me, these photos run rampant in the Philippines.

Note to Philippines Orphanages:
- Walk out the F#3King door and turn on your camera if you have an orphanage in the Philippines! -

This little one is really sleepy, tears, and crud on her eyes, I am not sure where Papa went, are you ok? (I will publish videos soon of her)

I do not live in the Hyatt; I live in some no-name, over-priced hotel closer to Robinsons Mall. Then again, like Mumbai, all hotels in Manila are double or triple their true tourist value; they are extremely expensive on a global value system. Not much bang for the buck, hehehe.

I never made it more than about 200 meters from my hotel, and on the way back, I was laughing as I passed this photo waiting to be taken. I would say, this is two banger girls just off work, sleeping and waiting for something. The real beauties probably got to sleep in the Hyatt, or Pan Pacific or some five star hotel, these two banger girls get to sleep this way. This is why sunrise is a great time to take photos; sleeping people do not complain, want money and just are not up to sleaze speed.

Street Cleaning people and me are great friends; this woman has been watching me the whole time. I do my job, she does hers. I said hello to her on the way towards the Hyatt, she says something like Hello Sir, how are you sir, this sir crap makes me feel old. On the way back, my ping ping realized this is a bath tub, she is using a bathtub to hold the garbage. I wonder if this is up to Philippines quality?

I need to hurry, at about 7:00 AM the sleaze is turned up to full volume and out will come the coin sales group with that drug that helps men to go to the Hyatt after their visit to the banger bars. I keep asking do Filipino men need this? More Filipinos go to banger bars than tourist, tourism is a very small percentage of the banger business, locals is always a higher percentage, but a lower pay scale.

All jokes and sarcastic remarks aside, this is not my World Vision, this is not what I want life to be. Poverty is real, and business is real, who is responsible, well poor people are responsible for poor people first, it is their responsibility to grab the 20 pesos, or maybe delegated to the little boy. Second this problem is the responsibility of the Hyatt.

I tied this video to the Hyatt Hotel, I think an American owned hotel, and the same video can be made with the Pan Pacific or some Filipino Hotel as the backdrop. I have a number 7 video to mix that I took in front of the Starbucks and the Malate Pensione on Adriatico.

I question their business and I do not trust any business, which does not feel responsible for the neighborhood. A good neighbor would do more to clean up the neighborhood. The street here are mess, right in front of the Hyatt is a mess, look the other way, the residents of the Hyatt just go in and say, this-is-not-my-problem. However, I do it, it is amazing to me that a Philippines hotel would not at least clean up, fix the concrete, and repair the world so their residents could not see open shit so easy. Yes, I do see myself as my brothers keeper; I do see that I should make my neighborhood a nice place to live. I do not need to go and evict the street children; I do need to make sure the sidewalks are safe and clean.

The Starbuck video soon to be published, will show a huge pile of trash, and a baby being drag around. I guess I am a purist, I said to myself; I want to take photos of Street Children. The Starbucks one in front of the Malate Pension I took a week or two ago could be Trash Babies, and not street children. I was not there early enough in the morning to see if they were sleeping there, I more or less came upon a group, baby in tow, who was working through a pile a trash in front of the Starbucks. So as a purist, not technically street children, however maybe a trash baby.

I was in a taxi in Makati the other day, looked out my window, and in a small very beautiful park, I spied a man standing by the trees. Ping Ping and the double look, ah shit, the man is pissing. The Philippines is full of primitive people, who more or less cut line, piss where they piss, and come to the big city to piss. It is not possible to stop poverty, the Filipino people take down their pants too much, and make babies so fast, no government on the planet could stop this. In some ways, I see making backpacks in the Philippines, or call centers, other ways of creating jobs as a long-term solution.

Of course, always fun to walk over to the United States Embassy and see all the American Men who are making application to import to the USA some banger girl they met in a banger bar, and another way to play games with the gene pool and a short-term solution to poverty.

I will do my best to put up the Starbuck Street Children and I have a small one of the small girl I that is in the Photo above. Mixing and making the videos takes time, and I do not make money doing this, at least not more than about 10 cents per hour, I do make a little, but not enough to recoup the 20 pesos fast as I spend it.

I am picking on the US business ventures, because the USA does lead the planet in social change. I know this type of embarrassing videos is not good for their business, and better to sacrifice a USA business as an example. Plus I feel shame for my country, when a USA business does not do a better job of being a good neighbor, I take it personal. I expect the Starbucks and the Hyatt to lead in the cleanup and solutions to neighborhood problems.

Why, because they are part American, that is what Americans do.

Video of Hyatt Hotel Philippines Street Children


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Hey Andy. Thx for the vids of the street children.

I have a hard time when we visit the Philippines. To see such abject poverty coexisting side by side with wealth is dizzying.

Something is not right. Filipinos are hard workers and adapt quickly when they make it outside their country.

It must be the Philippine government, the oligarchy. If you have it you keep it in your family.

At one time after WWII the Philippines maybe could have succeeded like the other "Pacific Tigers", Japan, S Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong. Instead they got left behind.


A country gets what it deserve, no less, and no more.

Welcome to the Philippines.

I have found most people can be good workers if they have the proper management. The Filipino people continually tell you about their country, basically saying,
"I will do anything get our of here."

It is quite hard to stomach that a very beautiful girl will marry an extremely old man. The man is not crazy, it is the women.

Why wouldn't you invite that family to your room for a good washing and a little sleep for MOM on a real bed. ?

I'm sure the desk clerk would let them up for a few peso's.

Why wouldn't you invite that family to your room for a good washing and a little sleep for MOM on a real bed. ?


I was in a room for 1000 Pesos, my guess is you can rent a room for one month for what I paid for one day. So, if I was to do this, I would think best to rent for a month.

However, I do not speak Tagalog, therefore difficult to talk. The staff of Hotels in Manila have guards to shooo these people away. I think it would take a lot of Pesos to get the hotel to allow them in the hotel.

The truth is, I do not and will not make decisions for what is best for a persons life. If I give money, I stopped giving 25 cent or some small coins, I give paper, or one dollar if I can, hard to have small change and for sure you do not want to get in a money giving discussion on this street. 10 other bums are ready to pounce, and this area is dangerous, maybe. This guy Simon told me 2 people were killed on it in the last two months, this is hearsay, gossip, hard to know, but the local guards carry sawed off shotguns, so a good sign there is danger.

I gave blankets to people in Cusco, Peru, with a little I be Hobo on them, I gave 20 or this Dutch girl did it, and I paid her. It is not cold in Manila and that ploy is not as good, do not need blankets as much. Sometimes I think of giving them just good clean clothes. The flophouses in Vegas I think give the bums showers and clean clothes.

Money, where does it end? This is the job of the Philippines people, so I do not like to enable them to be worthless and lazy, I see many countries who social system is just foreigners giving money.

The bottom line and best solution to all this is to stop having sex, then not have babies. The Philippines people must have babies, so one of the children helps the parents when the father or mother becomes unable to work.

Religions, Catholics, Islamics, Hindu, Buddhist, they are all the same, they want to take over the planet by making babies. The Catholic church could stop this Fiilipino problem of babies quick.

I suppose I could annie up 50 US to see what happened if I took a poor family into a hotel for a night. Renting a room is sometimes complicated, they would want six months maybe in advance, these people do not work, they are bums, beggars, that is their work, no guarantee of money to pay the rent.

NGOs should be lobby forces with the people, the government, and the church, shame them into caring. The bottom line, when the Filipino people want to stop this, they will stop it, but that means giving money, and like raising taxes.

The USA is great, land of Taxes, and a way to pay people to fix.

One of my litmus test or asking the question...
"Is this a street child?"

Waking up in the morning on the sidewalk.

Barefeet or no shoes, then how dirty are their feet or body.

The grown men, women of the Philippines are not clean, with a job, and living well. The Philippines men are exceptionaly dirty men, and the water of the Philippines is a big question mark as to it cleanliness

Be careful what you post andy. If they want the could arrest you for that stuff. Look what they did to one couple for taking pictures of their Own clothed child >

Anonymous said...
Be careful what you post andy.

This is a good point, and in my initial blog post, I said, good manners says to me, maybe I should not take the photo, and one reason I gave the 20 pesos to purchase the rights to take the photos. I truly believe that if your walking around in public, a person loses their rights to be anonymous.

I refuse to be controlled by the Politically Correct police on the planet. I will continue to take the photos and because I know of the dangers, I will also take the precautions needed to stay safe.

I thank you for the concepts put forth and think the world is over the edge stupid. people walk around naked in public and it is legal, however to take the photo is illegal.. hehehe

Men piss everywhere, people squat, and I will take their photos, and one day we will not be so primitive.

This obviously begs the question, about whether I worried about someone taking my photos. It is the right of all to take my photo, and I suppose I better lose some weight, so when they do,I look handsome and not chubby.

I tell people daily, you want to stop corruption, take photos, and send to CNN or other outside their country new agency.

The wrongs of the world are cured by public shame, not by the PC idiots on the planet.

The main problem of the Philippines is the lack of job opportunities. Filipinos are not lazy, its just that, the government cannot find or create enough jobs to its citizens.

Problems such as, the inrease of population,street children/people,poverty, etc. can be resolved if all filipinos have job.

They will not think of sex and crimes if they have work because they will become busy due to their job.

The philippine government must see this problem because right now the college students/graduates are having the hard time to look for their job because of lack of jobs here in the Philippines!

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