Used Books for Sale in Bangkok Thailand

Used Books for Sale in Bangkok Thailand
A good used book sells for one-dollar U.S. on the planet. I regularly pay 50-100 baht for used books in Bangkok Thailand.
They are taking sandpaper to the books, very strange, but sells books.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Monday, December 24, 2007
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This is the best place to find cheap books near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. It is inside the Wat and to the very back of the Wat, or Buddhist Temple. I suppose if you walked out the Police Station, entered the Wat and followed the maze you would finally find these books.

Used books on Khao San Road or around Khao San Road are Idiot Tourist Expensive. Now they have even made the tourist fall for more Thai tricks, to prove just how stupid the tourist are, and travelers.

I have looked, I keep trying, I want to take a photograph of this, however, before I forget, I need to blurt this out. The Thailand book vendors are sanding off the edges off the tops, bottom and side of books. A book looks old when the cover had wrinkles, or the paper on the ends is discolored, then in worst case, when the binding is bad, the pages fall out. The solution in Thailand is they sand off the discolored paper, and then wrap the book in plastic. Not allowing you to open the book, or see if the pages are intact, or the condition of the book, maybe the last chapter is missing out of the book, or the prior reader underlined the whole book with yellow marker.

I now do not buy books in plastic, I know the price is too high; they want to gouge me and sell me a pig in a poke.

This is an example of used books in plastic, sort of like buying a used car and not taking it for a test drive. I would at least unwrap it before I paid for it, and inspect it.

For the too lazy and too rich, not on a budget bunch, do not mind me calling them or inferring they are stupid, then here is a two great places to buy,
- Idiot Tourist Expensive Used Book and New. -
I go to these bookstores often...

Go to Khao San Road, go to the end with the Burger King and look to your left. When I really need a book, or I want to buy a guidebook for West Africa or Ethiopia or anywhere the normal Tourist Backpacker does not go, you know about 80 percent of the planet, I go to this new bookstore and it is well stocked. The used bookstore to the right has a good supply also of used books, however expensive.

I trade or throw away books; I do not have the luxury of keeping a book.

Used Books for Sale in Bangkok Thailand


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Would you mind asking the used bookstore owner how much rent is ? Why because I always wanted to do this but have no idea what rent is in that area ? kapoon ka

I will never be able to find the answer to this question. I was a Real Estate Broker in the USA, to find the correct Answer that could indeed help you would take about 2 weeks of research.

The people who rent commercial real estate like, the owners who pay to much lie, the whole industry is full of liars.

Ft Wayne Indiana regularly said the price per square foot in the central city was 24 and the real was 8, just mirrors.

The way to find out is to find about 10-20 places for rent, and probably 1/2 of what you think is correct is correct.

Thai Lie

I traveled through Pattaya Thailand recently and found a little gem in Canterbury Tales Cafe bookshop, and they exchange books, not swap but you can get credit on your books for money off thier books, I gave them a 2006 lonely planet Thailand book and a recent Chris Ryan book and they gave me 180 baht credit for the 2 they have a website

Are there any (English) bookstores in Khao San, or anywhere in Bangkok that you do like? I agree that most of the English bookstores in Bangkok (and especially Khao San) are annoyingly overpriced, but I don't know of any alternatives.

And yes, that plastic wrapping thing is despicable.

Older, mass market paperbacks in the U.S. are $1.00 because there are millions of Americans buying them, selling them and discarding them all over the place. Thailand has THAI people and so most used books have to be imported (many of the shops in Thailand import books by the thousands) or bought from tourists and English speaking residents and they are far more rare. We are not in America. We are in the middle of South East Asia my friend.
As to the sandpaper, it is used to make the books cleaner and nicer looking. What is wrong with that?
The plastic is to keep the books from being destroyed by millions of browsers, before they can be sold, and all shops will let you remove it and check the book out before buying. They are not trying to trick anyone.
My mate has a used book store in Pattaya, so I have heard all of this before.

i find Aporia and most of khaosan shops are a bit expensive for their quality
i recommend ones in sukhumvit like Elite (near suk 33/1) for the price and Dasa (near suk 26) for the quality and selection.

The one used book store next to Aporia has closed. I want to know where I can purchase books for 50 Baht, I see this as a fair price for a used book. i do not think 100 to 130 is fair and over this is nuts.

I found a few places in Chiang Mai where the books were properly priced below 100 Baht.

i found some bookstores on kampangphet road -jatujak market have limited selection of fictions and history books price less than 100 THB.Some are near the exit of kampangphet subway station and some are small stalls hidden next to siam commercial bank jatujak branch (not far from each other).Also I discover one bookshop opposite the entrance emporium department store in soi 24 (not the Elite bookshop).If you walk inside soi 24, turn left next to 7-11 and there will be sign of book.Price around 50-150 THB.The only problem is the books are not in the alphabetical order!!
I hope youll like them.

Don’t know if you guys know Angel Tomorrow used book warehouse or not. It is located on Sukhumvit 105. This is not a tourism area. However the bookstore is a few minutes walk from Bangkok Patana School, a British style international school.

The book warehouse stock a huge amount of books. I’d guess they have around 100 book shelves full of books and still there are boxes of books on the floor. Last time I visited I saw a lot of children’s books, fiction and non-fiction. Great place to visit. There website is

Dasa book store was the first shop I found. They have books ranging from 50-400 baht and a table outside with books between 50-100 baht.

I'm not 100 sure about their policy, but the last time I was there I saw a man with a grocery bag of books and money definately changed hands.

It's really comfortable and you can sit and read any of the books before you buy them with a coffee... and no, they are not wrapped in plastic.

They are moving to a new location on Sunday according to their website.

Also, there is a complete book list of everything currently in stock, plus prices. Enjoy!

I have used Canterbury Tales Cafe and Bookshop in soi Chaiyapoon for months now, I live about 1 hour from Pattaya in Rayong and its a good excuse to pop into Pattaya overnight and dabble in the nightlife and re stock on reading matter.

They have a huge selection and cheaper than anywhere else in Pattaya, all sorts of subjects, not only fiction, I found the new stephen Leather book in there fire one at 160 baht as new and it was only out a few months back

Also all the Thai stories and some good reads as well as the 50 exchange system a great place fora coffee and read, the rooms are good too as I stay there if they have a room available, google them canterbury Tales Cafe Pattaya.

Shortly after arriving in Bangkok and suffering from a bad attack of crossword-deprivation I eventaually found a poky, dusty little place on Sukhumvit Rd. which had a crossword book for sale. Wonderful!, I thought ( and I could not have been more right!). Covered by the usual cellophane the book might clearly contain crosswords that had already been completed so, while waiting to pay ,I removed the cellophane and quickly flicked through the pages. The crosswords were pristine but what was that? I was almost sure I had spotted a British five-pound note acting as a bookmark. So, having replaced the cellophane and paid for the book I exited the shop and checked the book again. I was right. The book did, indeed, contain a British banknote. But not the five pounds I had imagined seeing. It was a fifty pounds sterling note!. And it now nestles in my bank account. Thank you, used booksellers of Bangkok!

Dasa does indeed have a good selection but at grossly inflated prices. What seems to have happened is that Dasa, like the other more expensive Bangkok used book sellers has latched on to the "remaindered books" idea and superimposed it on the used-book trade. "Remaindered books", for the uninitiated, are brand new books that are sold at half the original price. In Bangkok (also in most Chiang Mai used book outlets) some extremly tattered books are sold at half the original price. Unless, of course they were published years ago and are still in demand. In which case much higher prices are asked. It's very much a seller's market. Long gone are the days when you would emerge from a second-hand bookshop carrying loads of books whose chief interest was their cheapness.

We at Canterbury Tales Bookshop in Pattaya have one of the best selections of new and mostly used books in Pattaya, many subjects, many languages and the lowest prices in Payttaya

I am staying in a guest house in Pattaya which has a huge bookshop/book exchange so many on all subjects and several languages.

I traded my books bought over from home and got a great deal, its called Canterbury Tales Cafe and Bookshop.

I think Canterbury Tales Cafe and Bookshop is about one of the best in town, the food is great, the guest rooms are big clean and well kept and the bookshop is awesome and the swap trade thing so cool.

The Canterbury still remains the best stocked and priced used bookstore in Pattaya and far around, there is even more new stock and I just found the brand new Ken Follett book, World without end, brand new for 200 baht, new price about 18,99 pounds UK.


On the day after Halloween, in the year 1327, four children slip away from the cathedral city of Kingsbridge. They are a thief, a bully, a boy genius and a girl who wants to be a doctor. In the forest they see two men killed.

As adults, their lives will be braided together by ambition, love, greed and revenge. They will see prosperity and famine, plague and war. One boy will travel the world but come home in the end the other will be a powerful, corrupt nobleman. One girl will defy the might of the medieval church the other will pursue an impossible love. And always they will live under the long shadow of the unexplained killing they witnessed on that fateful childhood day.

Ken Follett’s masterful epic The Pillars of the Earth enchanted millions of readers with its compelling drama of war, passion and family conflict set around the building of a cathedral. Now World Without End takes readers back to medieval Kingsbridge two centuries later, as the men, women and children of the city once again grapple with the devastating sweep of historical change.

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