Starting Work on my Dream Backpack

Starting Work on my Dream Backpack
Today, December 6, 2007 I start to work on my dream backpack, the perfect traveler backpack. The biggest problems is dreams are not clear, they are fuzzy thoughts in my head that need to be taken from my brain and transformed into a bag.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Andy of ---

I am working with a man by the name of Rodney, he makes custom backpack as a living here in the Philippines.

We have decided to proceed this way on the project; we will meet daily at 8:00 am for two hours to discuss the pack. After maybe 5-10 days when both of agree we understand the backpack being proposed we will make a test pack. I present have 705 specific questions to ask Rodney and discuss about the bag. The simplified explanation of what we will do is we will discuss how the bag is to be used, what problems of a bag are, and how to design a bag with the benefits and features.

The principal I am using is that a very well thought out project can be explained easily. The backpack should be extremely easy to use.

I am also going to explain in a webpage slowly why some choices were not made, sort of a strange methodology. We could say, these are our four options, we chose this as the best because of this and that.

The purchase of materials, clips, and straps and is a problem; therefore, we decided the first pack would be constructed with the best available parts. We will order the necessary materials from other countries and have sent if needed or in the worst-case scenario, I will go to the country and buy. The zipper pull and the essential material of the bags both seem critically difficult to purchase in Philippines.

Starting Work on my Dream Backpack


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I was wondering if you ever consider using a Kevlar-like material to make the backpack knife and bullet resistant ? I would buy such a pack.

Here is a link to a Colombian Tailor who has such lightweight material.

Funny, some type of Backpack Karma... I was drilling down to something about Dupont Kevlar, then which product maybe we needed when I went to check email... and found this post.

I was checking the time, 7:29 here in Manila so about 6:29 and still too early to call the USA. I was thinking how to contact them and where? Dupont Kevlar Threads

Where to Buy Kevlar

Call this guy he already makes bullet proof backpacks. But it is more of a schoolbook backpack. However I am sure you can save some time by talking to him.

I accidentally ran across this company, which offers pretty affordable bullet resistant backpack inserts for kids. (so you can go with the bag you want, and cover safety issues later)

This led into an odd bit of research on the ultimate, action hero backpack, which led me to your work.. I hope your bag comes out amazingly well.


Im from the Philippines and also wanted to make my own backpack using good materials. How would I get in contact with Randy the bagmaker here? Thanks

Go to Quezon City, go to BF Homes, ask for Rodney.

Note, he does not have good materials and does not have the abilty to get good materials, so you must bring your own. If you are Filipino this can be huge problem because the country does not import these items well.

Find the materials and find a person with a sewing machine, in the end, this worked better for me.

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