Starbucks Trash Baby Manila Philippines Street Children

Starbucks Trash Baby Manila Philippines Street Children
Philippines street children, and or family, there is baby is being carried and diapered, cared for by a small child in front of the Starbuck Coffee, Malate Bayview Mansions, and Malate Pensionne in the Malate area of Manila, Philippines.
Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December, 2007
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Starbucks Trash Baby Manila Philippines Street Children

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Looks like a family business. They are separating the trash, cardboard, plastic, glass for recycling. Going to make a few pesos to purchase their daily fish and rice.

Scenes like this are an everyday occurrence in the Philippines, especially in the big cities. To me it's heartbreaking, but to native Filipinos it's just a fact of life.


Yes, hard to watch the babies...
I think when a business is associated with this type of problem, the business men start to solve the problems.

I was browsing over the Internet to look for beautiful images to replace my desktop wall was an irony that my eyes were caught by the photograph of children sleeping on the street...

As a Filipino...this is really is...

I share the same sentiments and anger, and lots of Filipinos feel the same way too...but I feel helpless everytime I pass by those people living on the streets of Manila...

I cannot change their lives...all I can do now is to perform my job well.

The solution after 11 years of travel happens when the business owner wants these probems solved. The government then listens to the business owner.

The big answer is jobs, however the Filipino track record shows a desire to exploit cheap labor with the help and assistance of government.

In the end, a camera exposes the problme and a solutio happens

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