Skype Speed Test Failure

Skype Speed Test Failure
I use to test the speed of internet connections, there are Skype friendly and all the many speeds below. I moved into a room for 500 Pesos and an Ethernet Internet is provided. I will now change houses and move into one for 230 Pesos with Ethernet and WIFI internet because the first connection does not work.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 6, 2007
Andy of ---
---------------------------------- is a way to make cheap phone calls over the internet. IF and providing the speed is fast enough for the telephone call, then it is fast enough to keep me happy on other uses.

I came to this room, checked it out before I rented, I turned on my computer and did the Test Call. The ladies voice was clear, then I made a message and it was clear. I thought great I have a very good connection, my world is in great operating shape.

From 3:00 PM till about 8:00 AM the next day I tried to email this one half meg PDF file, the book called, The Art of War. This is about 16 hours of bad connection. At about 7:30 AM, I tried to make a call and it worked.

This was annoying, I could make a telephone call, but I could not attach and send a mail.

I think filesharing or downloads was robbing the signal or dominating the shared line. I saw a man using in the Taste Bud Free internet area of Robinsons Mall and he could talk easily and I could not email.

My signal reads at 100.0 MBPS.

I am moving to another house today for 230 Peso per night, TV, Cable, AC and both WIFI and Ethernet Internet Connection. I am hoping this is not the same as sharing the shower, maybe I have to wait until one person is off before another can enter.

The Ethernet wire connection really makes me happy as WIFI sucks.

Skype Speed Test Failure


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I've stumbled upon your blog--love the writing.

I use SkyPe excessively and--having been a network engineer in another life--understand Quality of Service on internet connections. Skype continues to be a mystery to me--they use quality of service algorithms within the program that are like voodoo.

In the heat of a particularly large download, I can call my mother. Then, out of the blue, I lose a call while clicking "send" in Outlook. It's a strange and vindictive beast.


Excessively, I wish I could use Skype and the Internet excessively. Yes, I agree, I do not understand the voodoo of how their service works, and am amazed, at what makes it work and what does not. For example, the program on GPRS connection in Togo West Africa would show I was logged in and I was not.

The service is really a one way to work system, if you have a higher than normal speed it works.

This is why it is good test, however, I think it monopolized the bandwidth and stops other people on the same LAN from working. Same maybe as filesharing, Skype is really best on non-shared system.

It is an intrigueing new thing for me, and for sure, I know little about it. I think I average about 3 days per month when I can use SKYPE, so in 24 days a year I am learning, and the other 340 plus days I learn all the ways will not work.

So I fail to get it to work 340 days per year.

A different snapshot of life and a travelers view, I suppose you can say I travel 340 days a year outside the high speed internet world.

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