Photo and Blogs of my Friends

Photo and Blogs of my Friends
The blog is a permanent record of events; it could be there for a lifetime of annoyances to your friends and family. When you no longer friends, the blog post will still be there. I would rather have my photo in the newspaper being a jerk, then on a blog.

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10 years of travel, maybe 12 years, I have continually published photos of people, places and things.

I have some regrets, many, and this is starting to accumulate in the back of my mind like a Monkey on my back. I will ask a personal friend if they want there picture taken, if not a good friend or acquaintance that I just do not worry. Everyone on the planet could be on front page of the paper tomorrow, so I figure we had better always take care what we do, or who we are.

A photo of a person being a jerk slows down people being a jerk. Therefore, I try to take photos of jerks. Photos of corruption, stops corruption.

I refuse to make a good person into a jerk; I do not take photos that can easily be misrepresented or portrayed as different from the real event.

I have had the experiences, I have people write me later and are angry, however I do not remove, if they do not like their reality, then change it. If I was taking a picture of a jerk, it was a jerk.

I for sure do not want to use Journalist as examples to follow; they would do anything and hurt anyone to make money. I have been musing as my friends talk about their girl friends on their blogs. It will be interesting in the future to hear how this plays out; there is a lot of very personal information going up, names, and places, on all these blogs.

Invasion or privacy is not the issue, I am trying to be a good man, I like to be polite, have good manners, be a person my friends and family say is a good guy. More than anything the man in the mirror has to have a good day and think well of him, however, I do not know blog manners, and this is still a nebulous subject.

What are good manners?

Photo and Blogs of my Friends


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Haha great point here!

I have also found myself in rather awkward positions from time to time about what I write on Song of the Open Road haha. I feel that a traveler must write of the people and places that they travel through as they view it. It seems to be very difficult for many people to accept other people writing what they feel about them . . . I think that I have even lost a few aquaintances by doing this haha. But I would much rather write my impressions as blatantly and honestly as I can, rather than editing based upon how I think someone may react to it.

People are a major part of the traveling/ writing experience, and I believe that making the occasional person angry by writing about them or publishing their photograph is rounded out by the fact that you can look yourself in the face at night and realized that you honestly wrote your impressions of the world that you are traveling through.

If you leave your own home, then you are fair game for photographers- cameras just collect impressions of light waves; the thought that someone can own the rights to the light waves that bounce off of them is absurd. . . or so it is my feeling as of right now.

If you speak to a writer, then you are fair game to be written about. Most all ethnographies that reach the population that they were written about usually cause a stir in the community- they piss people off, people say that what was written was not true etc . . .

This is just part of the Road, I say. A few hazards and bumps should not end a journey nor is cause for excessive detours. haha.

Keep on it, Andy!

Wade from

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