Philippines Elephant Ride

Philippines Elephant Ride
Video of children in the Philippines taking rides on Elephants and other large animals in the Mall. This video was made in the Tesco Ever Mall in Quezon, City and I am jealous.

I never had a big wheel and I never had an Elephant.

Quezon City, Philippines - Southeast Asia
Monday, December 10, 2007
Andy of ---

I think if they did a University research project, Ethnological cultural study they would proveā€¦

Philippines people like to play.

I am jealous, I want an Elephant Ride.


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Sometimes cover with Chaos, hidden under layers or who knows what, you will find some fun, I wish life was this simple, or maybe life is simpler than we think.

Philippines Elephant Ride


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COOL. I want one to for my Niece. Any Idea who makes them ?

I do not, however I go to this Mall daily, I will ask. I will try to look for a tag.

It was interesting how they lead the toy elephant around like it was an real animal and it sort of followed.

I went to the Ever GoTesco mall in Quezon City Philippines. The girl working did not speak English and not helpful.

I looked for a tag, could not find.

I NEED a Philipines person to do this.

I wonder if the girls accompanying these small children are their mothers? They seem awfully young to be having kids. Maybe sisters or yayas?

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