Number 1 and 2 Padlock Hasp Sliders

Number 1 and 2 Padlock Hasp Sliders
The best two zipper pulls for a backpack I can find on the planet, and still I have not been able to buy them. I want to make backpacks, probably the first run of 100 in Quezon City, Philippines; I am stymied to find the clear and present path to the factory.
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Thursday, December 20, 2007
Andy of ---

I call this the Israeli Slider or the Israeli Padlock Slider, some company called Vision maybe makes it, I am not sure, and I named it the Israeli Slider because that is where I saw it, on some Lowe Alpine Bag, never to be seen again. A Canadian who purchased a bag from that the Mountain Equipment Coop. then I took this photo in Israel, ergo the name. It may be called a Hasp Slider, or Hasp Padlock Slider, whatever the case, it is hiding from me.

Canada Mountain Equipment Coop

I blogged about this many times.
Hasp Padlock Slider

I visited this company in Salon Ohio, and they seem to sell something, the problem is minimum orders and price. I need to go right to the factory I think or at least get about 20 samples before I purchase.
Ohio Travel Bag Hasp Padlock Slider

Number 2 best slider I have seen on the planet:
I call this the Philippines Padlock Slider or the Robinson Mall Slider in the Malate Ermita Area of Manila, Philippines, I took this photo of a slider on a bag made by Holiday or a.k.a as Concord.

I think the next step is to find a zipper slider manufacture here in Asia and go knock on their door. is a hope, and I submitted the number one to the vendors, and got back a couple of years ago. Send us a sample, I thought, if I had a sample, I would know already where to buy.

I am high-speed internet and armed with Skype, there is more hope than in my sojourns in Africa where I leave the West Behind or is this the East.

Backpack Formula

Design +
Backpack Maker +
Raw Materials equals bag

I have the design, maker and all I need is the raw materials and I have something called a bag, I am predatory after the windmill.

Number 1 and 2 Padlock Hasp Sliders


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I'm not convinced the first one would be very good. If you look closely at where the zip-pull bit is connected to the bit that travels along the zip-teeth, it doesn't look like it's connected securely. Looks like it's a reverse 'C' shape around it, not a full loop... This could easily be bent off.

There is not my best, it is the best I have seen. I saw at the Egypt - Israel Border, and took photos, I need to find again and inspect again. The pull of a zipper connects, the C or part that the pull is connected too, almost always can be bent and opened. I hope this is not the case with the number 1, however then how do they get the pull on the zipper pull?

Someday, I see Christmas Yet to Come, I will need to design and have the factory make one.

However, both of these pulls were extra think and strong, the slider pull is not just going to beak in two piece, like the typical YKK.

I've got an eagle creek backpack that has these hasp zippers on them. I did a quick google image search for them and found

which has info about them. Maybe that company can tell you where to purchase them.

I've got similar zippers on my Patagonia MLC bag. They're just YKK zippers. Go to the YKK website to order them:

Look at the size 10 sliders, for example the 10M DFLS

That is funny, no easy way to look at photos, howeever when I search for 10M DFLS or 10M I can go look. This task is extremely difficult in Africa or say Nepal where each page switch take 2 minutes, here on highspeed I can look.

There is a YKK vendor in Philippines, I think only if we tell them what we want to buy, and not ask, I think they will work. So now that we are drilling down to a name, maybe the 10M DFLS it is possible we can buy. Thanks

More or less, if you know what you want, you can sell to yourself.

I wrote this page:

The Zen Seeker wrote me back, saying purchased some from Ohio Travel Bags. The price from Ohio Bags forces me to go direct to the factory to purchase. Zen Seekers says if I find a cheaper source to write him and tell him.

I think YKK sells, however they do not speak English so well, so need a face to face situtation, with the Number of Zipper Pull, pictures.

I am under the belief now, that maybe YKK does sell, their distributors say no, because they do not know or have never seen. This is the best of the best products and only on about 1 in 100 bags, and not the bags I see. I only have seen it one time in the last 3 years of travel and I see bags daily.

I move all the time, this is not helpful, hard to send me samples, or wait the three weeks it takes to get a call back. I am hoping the backpack person in Philippines can receive calls, and receive the samples, and after maybe four months we have the proper types and a source to buy. I on the other hand may just travel to the factory and live until they give to me the samples. Research and Development of a bag is a long process and to make the best take a lot of time, this is just the zipper, the material and clips all require tons of time.

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