Non English Readers

Non English Readers
Non-English readers write me letters, they post comments on blogs, and they submit their webpages to and I delete many, and cannot reply to most.

Manila, Philippines - Quezon City Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 9, 2007
Andy of ---

My site is about 50 / 50, about 50 percent of readers are native English Speakers and the rest are not. Communication with a person who does not speak English is a 50/50 proposition, I have a reasonable responsibility to write clear, simple words and help them listen or read. They have a responsibility to try to understand.

I speak Spanish, and when I traveled to Brazil, people would ask,
- Does Spanish help?-
- Yes, if the person you are talking with wants to understand. -

I have been toying around with the idea of having machine translations more easily available on the page. A click here and translate from English to Spanish, Japanese, etc.

I sometimes am wildly amazed how culturally and language insensitive the big corporate sites can be. I am also amazed how companies like and can be very sensitive.

China wants to do business, they submit pages to my, import - export pages continually. People want visas to go work, India is continually submitting to my Embassy pages.

I delete about 50 percent because they do not understand and are off topic, more or less they submit in the wrong category most of the time.

If a person from another language group writes badly, miss-spells words, etc, I am very forgiving. If they use abbreviations used in chats, like coz or b4, or lol, I just delete and do not worry, they are not focused. They are learning the wrong habits, chat language is not English, and for sure is not well mannered.

It is a fun experience with the site to learn how the rest of the world thinks. In then end, I can see their intentions, and the ones that are not lazy, do a good job will make it where they want to go.

Non English Readers


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Your visitor numbers are interesting. And as usual you prompted my curiosity on a subject. So I drilled around to find some info on English speakers and found this blurb on

"It is estimated that over 1 billion people are currently learning English world wide. According to the British council, as of the year 2,000 there were 750 million English as a Foreign language speakers. In addition, there were 375 million English as a Second Language speakers. The difference between the two groups amounts to English as a Foreign Language speakers using English occasionally for business or pleasure, while English as a Second Language speakers use English on a daily basis."
- Kenneth Beare

Which led me to the British Council report by David Graddol called "English Next" (2006). They are in the business of global education. The report is a 1.88mb PDF and 132 pages.

Highly interesting as it peers into the future prospect of English as a global language and the related challenges. The report claims that English learners will peak at 2 billion in about 10 years then decline thereafter. Heres the PDF link.

English Next Report 2006


Thanks for the PDF and the excellent research. I feel that this is an extremely underserved aspect of world markets.

For the world to communicate presently is archaic and just random. Companies like Alibaba and Globsource are creating interface, however the forefront is in Asia, and not the English sectors.

Empathy is needed, the Chinese know what is like to learn English and do businees, the opposite is rare.

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