Malate Tourist Disaster Zone

MalateTourist Disaster Zone
I have decided the Malate and Ermita of Manila Metropolitan area is a tourist disaster zone. The culture of the area is so abnormal it would be insulting to call this part of the Philippines or to comment unless I take great care in the use of words.

Manila, Philippines - Ermita Southeast Asia
Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Andy of ---

What has happened in the last few days is so over the edge stupid, I am going to review and think about what I have already written and publish later.

I am in luck today because I can move to Quezon, City whereby I will be able to regroup, work on the backpack and try to understand this Malate and Ermita Tourist Disaster Zone.

Two true small or big events that have lead up to this decision are I have not had water in my hotel for 18 hours because the whole area is having water line construction here in Christmas high season. The second reason it two boys were kissing in G-point the other night. There are too many signs on the wall, I just do not see any reason to ever return to this area of Manila again.

Malate is now... Craptastic!
As told to me by Craig of

MalateTourist Disaster Zone


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TO: I saw what you did last night.

Very good, I find it amazing how people can collect information. Good try...

I have been having a laugh, as I need to be careful what I wish for. I was annoyed because I feel the Malate area is turning to completely gay section of Manila, I kept moving farther down the street to the Ermita area. However, when it is not Gay, the remainder are more or less prostitutes, beggars, and other unsavory sorts. A real Cannery Row of misfits.

I really enjoy though walking around in the Robinson Mall and I was very close. I enjoy talking with the Expats in the Ermita area. It is nice to talk English with an American, even when he is semi-nuts and spends his day drinking. I was sad when the Austrailian Friend Martin and Accountant got stabbed to death last year, plus he went nuts.

The going nuts is fun to watch, providing I am not causing it or promoting it.

I am now in a room, no women, no smoking, no drinking, etc, A great room, WIFI etc. A great room for 1/3 the cost.

Nobody says hello, a very cold, and the most interesting thing is the size of the fences to keep from getting robbed.

Not a say hello area of Quezon City, so...

Peace and quiet, however nobody wants to talk. So more or less a lonely place to be.

I am ready to go back to West Africa and skip this whole Asia thing.

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