Group Dicount Rates for Thailand Hotels

Group Dicount Rates for Thailand Hotels
Five Star Hotels, do they give discounts for groups? It seems rather ridiculous to give a large group a discount on hotel rooms. There is a large group of people who entered the hotel.
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Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Andy of ---
Exclusive, Five Star Hotel or a Five Star Resort, I have traveled enough to know, groups cause problems. A group of Americans, a group of Swiss, a group of any culture the planet and you have the formula and ingredients for trouble.

A married couple with no children and probably no troubles, I like when this is the formula living next door.

If I was a Five Star Traveler, I think I would look for hotels that do not allow groups, or give groups discounts, or encourage any of this silly behavior.

If I was the owner of a run-down, 50 percent vacancy rate hotel, I think I would want groups, because I need them, business is bad. I think a groups should pay more and only be allowed to rent whole floors.

Nevertheless, I am not a Five Star Hotel person and for the most part, I close to never have to deal with this type of preposterous hotel problem.

I am always curious, why the more people pay, often the hotel is worst.

I tend to believe the future of exclusive Five Star Hotels is for the under 40 room sector.

Group Dicount Rates for Thailand Hotels


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They rented the whole Hotel to Peace Corps in Togo.

I had to move out of a Hotel in Lithuania because a large group had a reservation.

I could not rent a room for my friends at the New Joe Guesthouse here in Bangkok, becuase they rented to a group.

I just do not think for many hotels their bread and butter is groups. For me, I do not want to pay high rates to live with a group, so I guess I stay in the less than five star, normally minues one star.

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Paul Theroux book: "Hotel Honolulu". A Writer (probably Theroux himself) burns out and ends up as the Hotel Manager of a rundown hotel in Hawaii (where Theroux lives) while he catches his writer's 2nd wind... Much better than "Blinding Light" and written after "Happy Isles of Oceania" that's the title, right?). "Hotel Honolulu" may have parallels to setting up a Guest House or Hostel. Struck me the, the HOBO could write a book like that (Oh yeah, you do everyday).

- Chris

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