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Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Journal Vol II is broken 3,434 post, time for a fresh start, a new system... hehehe

- Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.-
Pete Townshend wrote the words and Roger Daltrey sang them...
- The Who

Nothing is changing, all remains the sameā€¦ we hope.
Same Same, not Different
Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Saturday, December 29, 2007
Andy of ---

I went to, clicked on Create a Blog, and entered all the same data as before, and added Vol II.

Whatever that means, I am on system of publishing blogs number two, because number one is broken, and I have no way to repair. This means it will not have to publish 3,434 post, it will start at one again, but not really.

Life is Good

Andy of in Bangkok Thailand
December 29, 2007

Andy HoboTraveler.Com Travel Journal Vol II

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You will work your way back in time to the Vol I


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Where did you go Did you fall off the intertnets ? I went to the link and it only had one story. wow gonna miss you mate,


Did not go anywhere, need to click here and you can continue to find them. I will be putting up the table of contents for 2006 and 2007 soon so all the links are found.
Click here to find the previous

hummm -- I imagine this will present problems with the labels

Now there will be two groups of labels: "Hotel Room Choosing" from before this day, and "Hotel Room Choosing" from after.

Labels: Craig
Yes, if you use the label system, I would have two sets of labels.

The label system of is what killed Volume I. It had about 450 labels and this required everytime I labeled a page to publish all 450 labels. This was say about 3000 pages or something crazy and 80 megs. The java publish results also caused a problem, as somehow publish was dependent on the speed of my connection.

So to use the labels will kill a big site over the years. I think will solve the problem some day.

I think we know how to make better labels. This is not a good system, maybe time to go to wordpress, or other, however in the end. A page made by me, is better than a page made by a system.


The Internet Archive Wayback Machine did archive your travel blog posts between Jan 01, 2006 thru July 31, 2007 (Togo):*/

- Chris

I did NOT lose information of pages, the system change. I just restarted the blog on at a new beginning.

ALL the old page are there, and you will be able to click on labels or tables of contents, search etc and find them all.

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