Adjusted for Standard Deviation of Culture

Adjusted for Standard Deviation of Culture
A tourist area has about 50-60 percent trashy people working and living in the epicenter.

This means 40 percent are just average acting people.

The other 50-60 percent who work in tourism industry areas are close kin to Trailer Trash, Hobos, Bums, and Euro-Trash, and some now sitting next to you on the corner of the bar.

Bangkok Thailand - Southeast Asia
Khao San Road
Saturday, December 29, 2007
Andy of ---

I am need to remember this observation when I am in a tourist area, tourism is not normal, the people I meet in a tourist areas are for the most part the throw away, no deposit cans of the country.

When I can see a tourist, I need to remember the local people are Adjusted for Standard Deviation of Culture because of tourism.

I am in not in a normally distributed culture, I am on Khao San Road, and I have to believe Sukumvit is more hmmm , well trashy with even more deviance or deviants.

Adjusted for Standard Deviation of Culture


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This reminds me of your description of tourist clusters in the past, and I think your guide is a good rule of thumb.

That is; 5 blocks from the tourist center and your in the thick of it, 10 blocks away and there is a 50 percent drop off, and at 20 blocks from the center you get into the normal culture.

This is etched in my mind somehow. What I like is that 20 blocks is always an easy walk for me. So it's quickly avoidable.

Question for me is always to what extent the locals (60 percent as you mentioned) have deviated from normal as a result of significant tourist influx. And where is Khao san rd on that dial?


This is a very fuzzy cultural observance and difficult to see or know exist. A person has to walk in and out of the two areas enough times to see there is a real difference.

For sure a person has to be judgemental and take the PC glasses off.

Very good observation, linking the two rather nubulous post together.

I continually try to think of a way to explain the differene between the real country, and the suddenly changing country, or rapidly evolving culture of a tourist area.

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