You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments

I can't wait until I start getting comments like this.
The sign of success!
Just digging into some of your old stuff as I calm myself from a day of screwing up my webpages haha.

Wade from
Song of the Open Road Travel Journal

Comment from Wade after he read the comments from this post. KFC Cairo Egypt

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Andy of ---
Today, I received two mean mails in one day, sort of interesting and sad at the same time. It intrigues me that people can hype themselves up so much about some small blogger, on the other hand it sad they do this, they have the Whopper Size fast food order of rage.

Normally these posts are when I write about something, a big or small insult, and they love the country, hotel, whatever, but they love it too much… Therefore, nobody should ever speak badly, of even think bad. I actually sometimes test the waters to see who is out there and angry reading my blog, do a little provoking, hopefully to open minds.

Funny part, I really liked the KFC in Cairo, so I do not think it was the comments about the KFC. I think maybe I said, they do not speak English and do not know anything about a queue. Which I stand behind, the English was bad, and well, most of the world does not stand in line, so get in line. Egypt and the Egyptian Pyramids is a nasty place full of excellent jerks.

However, about the comments, .... see I provoked a little, but telling the 100 percent truth as I see it today.

I suppose I could talk about Freedom of speech, but that it cliché, I think I will explain my how to treat people equal theory.

If my friend Mike, an American, one of my best friends in the USA, and sometimes slow. If Mike did not think and cut line in front of me, I would say,
- Mike, you are not polite, go to the back of the line and wait your turn. -

So, if Egyptian people are my equal and I 100 percent believe they are, I need to treat them like my best friend.
- Egyptian, you are not polite, go to the back of the line and wait your turn. -

Patronizing and not belittling is to me is too close to real racism, if I believe a culture or group of people should not hear my opinions, then I am sort of saying, I am superior and you cannot learn. Primitive cultures can be dressed in suits and the only way you know they are primitive is their manners. (I hope we agree that a queue is a good thing, fair, and just.)

I was on the plane flying from Bamako, Mali to Kenya, where I would transit to Bangkok. A Mali man put his head over the center of the jet airplane aisle and spit. I could not believe it, then he does it again, I looked at him and said,
- Hey! -

The held up my two hands in African style saying with hand language,
- Are you stupid? -
(I hope we agree that spitting in planes should not be allowed.)

On the other hand, I could say, he is dumb, stupid, comes from here, and I would translate that crap to saying, you cannot learn, I believe he is not different from me, brain same way, or functions more or less the same.

Comments, I highly recommend you moderate all comments on blogs, and reject comments that use any curse words. (Search engines do not like, or this is your theme.) I look at this way, a person who starts out with calling me names, could not possibly give me any good advice, they are too dumb to realize, if they waited to the end, I would have read the whole post and then they could call me an idiot or whatever cliché type ways of saying this.

I do laugh, I read a lot, so I recognize styles of writing, if you are going to post anonymous, and not show your name, make sure and think about how you write and your style, otherwise I may know who it is.

I would love to restrict this to just people who are members of Hobo comments, however there is a ton of people on the planet who are extremely smart who just do not want to, and may not understand how comment work. I want to hear that needle in a haystack comment from someone who knows wisdom, however does not know the internet.

I got two in one day Wade, should I go celebrate.

I do hope people disagree with me, I go back and read old post, then want to comment, saying, Andy, I disagree… The world does change, and so do I, yesterday is not today, it is new Andy today, I do not have to adhere to something I said two years ago or yesterday, I have the right to adapt and change.

Note, I do not read extremely negative comments about myself, because it is negative, what I allow in my brain is what I become. However the study of anger and rage I do hope can help us to not have rage, I call these types of comments a burning rage.

It is interesting to see how the types of comments change from continent to continent. The people that post comments or more correct, get comments rejected when I am in Thailand are maybe worst people than the group hanging around the Egyptian Pyramids.

NOTE: If you go to the Pyramids, go on a tour, do not do as I did, and just go there, it not a good memory to collect about a great travel destination.

NOTE: Wade I think your new site is going well, I will only think you screwed up when you quit, I do not see any signs of quitting, only of expansive growth in your writing skills.

You Are and Idiot Blog Comments


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Hi Andy,

Yeah, I really do think that the occasional combative email could be taken as a good sign. All I think it means is that your writing is making people not only think, but feel as well.

To write something that makes people think and disagree with you is not much of a challenge. Disagreement is a cerebral, logical, and simple reaction.

But to write something that provokes a person to feel an emotion so strongly that they lash out against you is something very special. And I must sat that you, Andy, for better or worse, have this special skill. You write from the heart, and therefore, you are able to strike through to the hearts of your readers. Sometimes they laugh heartily and repeat what you wrote to their friends and family, and sometimes they get so angry that they take the time out of their lives to tell you about it.

Either way, people are feeling your writing very deeply.

I don't think a lot of writers can do this.

Your writing is purely honest; from the content to the syntax, you seem to be writing from the heart. I also really respect the fact that you don't jump into the cracks to avoid making statements that could potentially be misinterpreted. You are upfront, and seem to have the ability to share what you feel, and to make people feel it too. I think this is a very special attribute to have......and one that makes folks like me read your writing everyday.

Keep in mind that the occasional things that people insult you for could be the very same things that I laugh about and enjoy most in your writing.

You also seem to be able to write the experience of travel very purely and honestly. It is my opinion that you publicly write some things that other travelers only dare to think quietly to themselves. I mean, I know what goes through my mind while having to needlessly fight through a crowd to get a piece of fried chicken. I really admire the fact that you do not shut down and bottled these feelings up, but rather share them as as an inseparable part of the traveling experience.

To read about the true, honest, unabashed and unashamed life of a traveler is why we read

So, in point, I really do believe that the combative emails that you occasionally receive are are a sign of your success at being a writer . .. .a sign of success that you are making people feel what you write. Whether their feelings manifest themselves as being supportive or harsh is impertinent.

People are listening. People are feeling. This is always a good sign. Celebrate!

Walk Slow,

Wade from Vagabond Journey

Hello Wade,

I have read your comments a few time, very good and clear.

I have never rated my writing on how much I made them feel. I know that is the goal, but I have a goal of call to action, or do this, not to be angry. So the idea I did the goal by making them Angry evade me, I have the goal to make them feel.

Never, thought of it as anger, or thinking of getting angry at me is accomplishment.

Anger is fear, or lack of feeling safe, a threat, lack of faith that all is ok. I tend to ramble, blogging is fun, I talk to myself and WYSIWYG.

I do not like to edit, so What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG

Honest people make people angry, amazing thing I learned a long time ago. If you really want to insult a person, tell them the truth.

Thanks for a great blog .. keep it up cause we are loving it!

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