Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room
I am driving myself crazy. Manila has some perfect internet cafes that are opens 24 hours, AC and I can connect my computer. However, I cannot find a hotel with internet in the room, in my bed, at the room desk; I want a Hotel Room anywhere in the Philippines with high-speed internet in my Hotel Room, NOT Starbucks, and NOT, the common area.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.
Price should be less than 800 Pesos per night.

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Friday, November 23, 2007
Andy of ---

I say this, and I get extremely insensitive, no listening skills, no ability to read, no empathy, and 100 percent American Naïve comments, saying,


Yes, a cake walk if you want to pay 150 US Dollars per night. My upper level of tolerance and only a because it would have Internet is 20 USA dollars per night, if I paid more than 20 US Dollars for a room in Southeast Asia, I start to say.
- Andy, you are a chump, I do hope you know how stupid you are? -

I say to people in Singapore, if you want a Western Country, would it not be easier to move home.

I am thinking about traveling across Canada, so I can live in the USA, a great way to piss off the Canadians, and good fun.

I fly to Manila on the 27 of November 2007.

Philippine Hotel with Internet in Room


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Eric sent to me, I am posting.

Re: Manila area rooms under 18 USD w in room web.

I only offer these four possibles from a quick search I made. I make no guarantees as I've never been.

Islas 8817 Guesthouse in Manila, Philippines, Asia
8817 San Juan Street San Antonio Valley 2,, Paranaque City
$9 USD
claim wifi in room

Townhouse Hotel in Manila, Philippines, Asia
$9 USD
Villa Carolina Townhouse, 201 Roxas Blvd # 31 Bayv, Tambo, Paranaque, Metro
claim in room web access

Friendly`s Guesthouse
aircon Rooms with Shared Bath
Php 700
claim free wireless internet access for Laptop Users
1750 Adriatico St. Corner Nakpil St., Malate, Manila, Philippines
Mobile: +63 (0)917 333 1418

Harolds Mansion Hostel - Duamguete City
495.00 PHP
claim free wifi
possible in room internet


I was walking towards Khao San Road, thinking... Manila is so big.

I opted for

I had two choices, fly with Kuwait something and arrive at 4:00 PM, or fly with Cebu Pacific and leave arrive at around 6 AM in the morning.

Jeroen thought I was crazy, and he more or less told me with his line of thinking he always gets a reservation. I never get a reservation unless 100 percent needed like in Europe, and I still do not...

To find a room with Internet in it, I need to check the room. I truly believe I have a 1 in 5 chance of finding an acceptable room. Therefore, I think of reservations as a great way to reserve a horrible room.

I am arriving early in the morning, I can take a taxi around and check out the hotels.

Manila is a king lizard size city, confusing with close to criminal taxis, often a continual fight.

However, 10-20 dollars in taxis and a great hotel is better than a reservation in a hotel that makes me angry.

I found out the Malate Pensione has WIFI in Malate. I called them on Nov 2007. They said it was not working. I asked how much and they 60 Peso per hour and a card.

There is hope, however I think this charging for internet is crazy. Yahoo mail decided to charge for more then 5 megs of emails and gmail started, now... the way it should be.

I found a few place with WIFI reception area, however in the room included. There is about three bars with WIFI in the Area, G Point, LA Cafe and Amazones. I just learned about the G-Point this is close.

Hard to work when girls are flirting.


Manila's a tough nut. Lots of cheap sleeps but not many online listings with internet mentioned. Not all guides include Manila. Internet cafes? lots in the area(s), in room internet? who knows. I stuck to the criteria. A few other possibles, maybe.

$7 USD
Four Seasons Hometel
111-B Scout Lozano Street
Tomas Morato, Quezon city
Manila, Metro Manila Philippines
Claim free internet 24 hours a day
possible in room internet?

800 PHp/$18.77 USD (cheapest single listed)
Kabayan Hotel-Pasay
2878 Zamora Street corner EDSA Rotonda
(before the MRT/LRT EDSA Station)
Pasay City, Philippines
Reservation Hotline: (+632)891-7878
Telephone: (+632)891-7879
Cellphone: (+63916)574-2978
claim business center internet (cost?)

a few $20+ places...
(I know, over budget)

$25 USD
Iseya Hotel
1241 M.H. Del Pilar St
cor. Padre Faura, Ermita, Manila
about a block away from LA Cafe.
Australian owned.
Tel 63-2-523-8166. Fax 63-2-526-2778.
25 Air-con rooms all with hot and cold running water,
telephone, fridge and cable TV.
Bar & Restaurant Open 24-hrs
Internet Services (cost?)
24-hr Security Guard.
Standard Room Php 1,095.00

$25 USD
Stonehouse Bed & Breakfast
1315 E. Rodriguez Ave.,
Barangay Kristong Hari,
Quezon City, Philippine
Tel. No.: (+632) 7247551, (+632) 7247558, (+632) 7214672
Fax No.: (+632) 4142798
Internet via Business center (cost?)


Great, this one Four Seasons Hometel in Quezon city sounds good. The Stonehouse is a very good option for a hotel, and I have tried to enter it a few times. I do not get reservations and this place is normaly full.

I have this man writing me from Quezon city who wants to help make Baackpacks.

This many Travis on this blog has top notch advice. I called him on skype and a great person for help.

many in Angeles city have wi-fi where you will probable be very comfortable.

I would suspect Angeles has Hotels with WIFI. There is Hotel plus Internet plus neighborhood and travel destination makes a good place for me to live.

The neighborhood and travel destination is not good there. I have been thinking about Baguio north of their.

From Manila I can fly to all the Islands easy.

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