Number 1 Reason to Marry Thai Girl

Number 1 Reason to Marry Thai Girl
I have just returned from seven months in West Africa. I saw very few of the European flavor, in fact, almost everyone was black. I have been walking around in Thailand looking the many people of my tribe or a similar tribeā€¦.

White People have big noses, I mean huge, I keep looking in the mirror and checkingā€¦

Bangkok, a.k.a Krung Thep, Thailand Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Andy of ---

Thailand people have small noses, the bridge of the nose is even recessed.

I have seen some children of the Farang a.k.a Foreigner marriages recently and was admiring the nose of the children. Darn, their noses are small and well formed, not these huge monstrous things of their father normally.

Want to get rid of that huge nose, what to have your offspring not genetically carry the trait, marry a Thai Girl. Note, you can also forget about having a son that is professional basketball player, sort of swimming against the current.

I hear rumors, if you marry a Thai or Filipino girl, you take them to Europe or USA, etc, all they do is sit and watch cartoons all day, just a rumor.

Number 1 Reason to Marry Thai Girl


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There are many good reasons to marry a Thai girl. Having kids with small cute noses is just one of them!

One interesting thing about Thailand culture is the limits to an argument, the stop... I see the Thai culture as not wishing to argue over small things, however the USA is pre-occupied with every word, and will twist, turn and make it difficult to talk. I do not like to choose the perfect words to say a comment.

Thailand even though they often do not understand my English, seems opposed to arguing.

Best reason is to marry is jealousy.
Sort of when you get a new Corvette, then your friend has to top you with a Porsche. Marry a pretty Thai women and you never have to spend money on that expensive sports car.

OMG! Fast Eddie, that is so funny. I'm going to quote you.

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