I stopped Trusting

I stopped Trusting
I was having a Skype conversation with a friend, we was discussing the problems of Pakistan. I thought to myself,
- Why would people trust Pakistan? -

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Monday, November 5, 2007
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I was having another conversation with another friend in the USA, when I said,
- Why do you trust the people of Kurdistan? Iraq. -

A contract outside the USA is about worthless...

I realized, when I hear a person from 99 percent of the countries talk, I know they are not to be trusted. I am hard pressed to say who I can trust anymore, it appears people are in the habit now of saying only what helps them, not what is the truth.

I suppose I trust Norway, a little with England, for sure, I trust Australian and New Zealand people, sometime the Germans and never the rest of Europe, and for sure, I do not trust Switzerland or France. The other continents are not considered.

Is there a difference between a government and their people, it is like saying I am not from the Tribe of the USA, I do not differentiate, I do stereotype the tribe.

Each individual person needs to be observed first, watched, then listened too, see if any correlation between their actions and their words. Then given a fair chance, if my bullshit meter does not go off, then I go to step two.

I hear the word Pakistan or Journalist and my bullshit meter starts to wail. The world is getting safer, but not because honesty is held in high regard. People laugh at honest people and ridicule them, this is tragic.

I stopped Trusting


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I would possibly trust more Europeans than USA people... guess I trust what I know. I'd trust the Norwegians, Germans, Swiss... I'd make deals with the Polish and the Lithuanians because I've worked with people from there...

I'd trust big-city USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africans.

I'm interested in why you wouldn't trust the Swiss? I see Switzerland as a good, neutral country. But I agree about France ;o)

Ash, I think you said it, we trust what we know. I do not recommend you trust big city USA or any big city.

I find the I am superior attitude a problem with the Swiss. People that believe they are smarter try to be clever. Switzerland to me is not neutral, they side secretly and not honest and direct, only to make the best advantage.

I do not know if you have ever been to the USA, but for sure I would not trust the USA people that go to Europe. Not the best of the lot. Normally the best to trust do not leave the USA.

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