2007 Leave Thailand Enter Philippines

2007 Leave Thailand Enter Philippines
November 28, 2007 I left Bangkok, Thailand with Cebu Pacific Air and entered Manila, Philippines.

Manila, Philippines - Malate - Ermita Southeast Asia
Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

Cost of Taxi from Khao San to Airport was 220 Baht, and then adds about 75 Baht for toll highway; I paid 300 for taxi to new Airport.

Walked out of the Airport of Cebu Pacific in Manila, found a meter taxi for 150 to Malate - Ermita Area. The shuttle inside wanted 600 Pesos, it was 5:30 in morning, no reason to rush.

2007 Leave Thailand Enter Philippines


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I tried to post a comment in another post of yours but I am not sure if t got through or disappeared altogether.

Anyway, I cam across your blog when I searched about Puerto Princesa in Palawan which I am to go to June this year. I've never been outside the country and have been to only 2 or three good places here in the Philippines. I find your travel amazing. I would have loved to travel.

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Kudos. :)

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