The Usual Suspects on Khao Sarn Road

The Usual Suspects on Khao Sarn Road
With my new 18X Zoom Fuji camera, my eyes wide open; I can spy on the world and take photos of the Usual Suspects of nefarious characters in the Khao San Road area. Behind the unsuspecting vender on the bike, in the sunglasses is a special character that haunts Khao San Road.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, October 29, 2007
Andy of ---

Who is this man in the sunglasses and why does he decorate his tri-cycle bike this way. He is a regular, part of background, easy to ignore, or easy to accept, one of the Usual Suspects.

I suspect he is normal for Khao San Road, and the truth is I am abnormal in a place where normal is abnormal. I never would want to focus on the normal when I know I am the abnormal in an abnormal world, better with a zoom camera.

A post for the insiders, who know the road, on the road, who have been to the road. A place where people get the rush of being different, on the outside world, before the return to the world.

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The Usual Suspects on Khao Sarn Road


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Like you've said, "The usual suspects". I wonder what this man is selling.

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