Ranong Hot Springs Rain Forest

Ranong Hot Springs Rain Forest
Ranong, Thailand on the border of Thailand and Burma has Hot Springs. There is rain forest near Coca Ecuador I visited; there are many places on the planet they call rain forest. I think there is a close variation of a rain forest next to the river and this Hot Springs Park in Ranong Thailand.

Ranong Thailand Southeast Asia
Monday, October 29, 2007
Andy of HoboTraveler.com ---

A Gazebo surrounded by river with footbridges at Ranong Hot Springs.

I was walking back from the Hot Springs here in Ranong, Thailand and talking with a Thailand girl who has been my good friend for three years. I said, this would be an interesting place to have trekking paths, the Farang love to trek. (Maybe there is, and I did not see.) I said this jungle to the right looks a lot like Koh Tarotao in the South of Thailand. As I was talking about trekking, and a desire to walk through hot forest, a desire I do not have, I thought to myself. This forest or jungle is not normal.

This forest is too dense, too much vegetation. When you see a full on rainforest like the ones near Coca Ecuador the air is wet, the trees are wet, it is like living in a steam bath. It rains so much you assume it going to rain, and the world is green, very green, no way to stop the growth, and hard to grow food as the weeds or vegetation reclaims too quickly any claim made.

This area is a small steam bath forested area, it is hot and humid, however only one part of the city.

To see a real rainforest can be a lot of work, I am not sure; this may be what I am calling a mist forest. When a waterfalls drops from high points on a mountain, the falling water creates a mist. This mist is similar to a rainforest, it makes everything grow.

Well, there is some interesting ecological happening here along the river, all the trees, and the vegetation is growing wildly. Now, I believe it is now the rainy season, however I think the combination of being a river, hot waters, and just few miles from the ocean has created a special type of eco-system. This seems to simulate a rainforest without all the problems of visiting a real rain forest.

Note, maps, explanations will give wildly large areas of land the definition of being a rain forest. I am not a person who formally studies rainforest; however, I have been in them too many times. A rainforest is recognized in my opinion when the vegetation is growing so fast, it is hard to farm, or stop. You can log a rainforest, but hard to stop the re-growth of almost the equal amount of green. Water, warm temperatures, living a cloud, and green things, say wow, thank you.

Area where people can sit and place their feet in the hot waters.

This woman is panning some black rock or something I have not been able to be translated into English yet, I took a nice video and will put up the panning process when I return to Bangkok.

If you were in Ranong and wanted to see this area of the planet, I think you could print this photo, show to a taxi driver, and expedite your trip there. At the hot springs are many restaurants, a spa, a big Wat and other walk around and have a day trip things to do. There is a hotel up by the road that is also a spa the in the past allowed non-residents to use.

Not many places on the planet, you can take a taxi and go visit what is similar to a rain forest.

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Ranong Hot Springs Rain Forest


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Glad you've returned to Ranong.

It's a place I've never been, but has always stuck in the back of my mind from your previous travels, and certainly a place I've earmarked for the future.

Your post and photos only reinforce my feelings. Most folks (seemingly) use it to just pass through and/or make visa runs, and move on. I'd be more inclined to bask in the beautiful surrounds for awhile.

The guides I've glanced at indicate there's not much to do there, which is exactly why I'd immerse myself in a place like this.

Thanks for your excellent photos and revealing post.



- hotspringfreak

North American 'country folk' sometimes call pools like this one which are set up as a hotspring foot baths "Corn Cookers". Meaning to soften one's 'corns' after a weary day. The locals being proper and prim while remaining fully clothed (but for their feet).

There's a Hotspring Park in N/East Thailand where they boil eggs for the Farang.

- hotspringfreak

You pan or gold by separating your find into black sand, which is rich in heavier elements, like gold and heavy metals. You can sell your black sand to a refiner (after you have picked through it for gold dust, flakes and nuggets first). Depending on the geology there may be semi-precious or precious gems found in the black sand -- where I live the gems are semi-precious garnets sold as an industrial abrasive, which look like rubies. I've paid for time in the wilds this way - you may or may not get rich but it's a living.

- hotspringfreak

The Thai girl caught me off guard here, she kept saying,
- Where is the egg? -

Not eggs, but egg, so a double whammy and hard to understand. The cook eggs here also in Ranong. I thought about making a video as I broke an egg into the water.

I learned the women was panning for Tin, it looks black.

The large Spa to just across the road and towards the big road has a pool for the Farang or Foreigners, where I can pay 300 Baht to lie in the hot water. There is also a cold water swimming pool.

Your trip looks and sounds great! I don't often get the chance to go to places near there. But it was great to read and see your travels and get some insight into this area. Great job! Can't wait to read more on your travels!

iI Visited recently the hot springs in ranong and enjoyed them a lot and now im back in vermont and looking for the same but not having any luck..I guess i ll have to get back to Thailand..sawadee Mark from vt...Oh in the daytime the springs were much too hot but 6 in the morning and 8 pm was perfect temperature..

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