No Hollywood Showers

No Hollywood Showers
That is some advice, I refuse to follow. I was thinking about my dip shower, where I take a dipper and pour water over my head. This is very eco-friendly, or at least this uses about a third of the water of a normal shower.

Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Andy of

50 percent of my showers are dip showers; I never get a good Hollywood Shower or as Tom Clancy taught me in the book the Hunt for Red October. I normally get cold showers. I believe cold shower are very unhealthy, I believe that a very hot shower is the best thing that every disinfected a body on the planet. Hot water to wash dishes, hot water to bath, hot water to clean clothes. This in my opinion kills them little things I do not understand.

40-70 percent of the world takes cold showers, washes dishes in cold water, and washes clothes in cold water.

However, anyway you do it, a Hollywood Shower is not hug a tree, save the planet, stop the Kyoto people from harping too much. I know that the energy use of a Hot Water heater in the home is about 10-25 percent of the house energy useā€¦

However, for me, I want to take that Hollywood shower, that

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No Hollywood Showers


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I would think hot water has got to be the most cost effective way to disinfect. Although I don't take showers as often as some people, I sure relish a long steamy hot one when I do.

Noticed in another post comment that you mentioned heading to South America in a few months, possibly up the Amazon, True?


Yes, I may go to the Amazon, and my friends in Iquitos are making a lot of gossip as their Golf Course went out of business, the boys are up to no good. Cannery Row, in Iquitos Peru.

I would go from Asia to the USA to visit and then South to South America.

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