Khao San Road WIFI

Khao San Road WIFI
Bangkok, Thailand Southeast Asia
Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have moved into a hotel with WIFI, and somehow got the WIFI to work, all is good so far. The Hotel WIFI requiresd a key, password, this always require I travel with my own private tech staff, open systems are 500 percent better, as the staff of Hotels never seem to understand the Key. This one is a keyed one, however, the staff is very helpful and I heard the man calling some techie to try to suss out the problem.

It took about one hour to connect, using every combination, permutation and hope of finding the right combination. I suspect the WIFI may work in about 4-6 room, they are installing one on the third floor. I truly believe an Ethernet wire is better.

As long as there is concrete, there is a problem, WIFI is stopped by concrete. I really hope they jump to second-generation home WIFI routers, where the whole block is covered and not just 25 meters in line of sight. WIFI will go through a wood door, and if the wall is not too far from the router. Bottom line, you rent a specific room close to the WIFI router, and not just land in the hotel, only specific well-positioned room work.

Alternatively, I suppose you can go work in the common areas, but then why not just live in a room and go to the internet café.

I think the best internet is with Ethernet wire to all rooms, then WIFI in the common areas, and an open, non-key required system, with a some techie on staff… hee hee

I think in reality only about 1 in 10 WIFI works adequately to say, I have a dependable connection. The verdict is still being made here in the (Hotel Name Edited) near Khao San Road, but so far, I think the staff will keep it up and running.

WIFI sucks, but I need a connections, I am using flashget to download my 3.5 gig site as backup from some Tar file. We now have a designated server, and it does not provide backup, go figure… Well, we already have a system to synchronize send the site to another company server.

I am looking for my mobile office:

Khao San Road WIFI


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While I've never tried it myself, I understand you can create a wired network using the existing in house power system wiring. A wired yet "no new wires" solution.

One unit plugs into a power outlet near the router, and the other in your room. You'll also need two short Ethernet cables to connect the router and your laptop to each of the units. In addition, you may need two plug adapters depending on location plug type and unit used. Then the two units "find" each other and connect via the power line.

The wireless router will of course need to have a free Ethernet port (wired).

If this works, you could then choose the best room available for a mobile office, and not have to decide among only rooms that are close to the router.

Heres a few related links:


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The normal problem with internet in a Hotel are:

The staff downloads music all day from the main computer and steals the signal.

The staff does not know the key, does not understand the configs on the key. A person cannot just be average, they have to be way above
average to get the key set alone, with no help.

The WIFI will only go about 2 concret room away, or about 30 feet maximun.

If the signal is good highspeed ok, normally if they have a WIFI, there is also a large Internet cafe stealing again the signal because shared with dozens of people.

They shut the WIFI off at night.

So far the K.S. House signal is good one room away, there are basic maintenance prblems with the room. They need to fix three thermostats because they do not work, and another problem I am going to write personally Igor when I find out how.

I would say the K.S. House even though their are tiresome maintenance problem, does want to solve them, a person just has to tell the problems.

A person MUST interview the room with WIFI, this is about being demanding. I am now pretty sure that room 211 is good. 218 has a critically bad maintenance problem.

I suspect after I write Igor personally he will have these problems fixed this week.

The one problem is to fix all the thermostats so a person does not freeze.

The number one problem with hotels is having maintenance people who do not find the problems, and do not fix problems. I recommend an owner live in all room for a few nights to also make a list or problems.

On after a hotel makes a page, there will eventually be a way for people to say, 211 is the best for WIFI, then these room, 218 and other would work if this is fixed.

Creating a maintenance checklist and helping the visitors to pre-interview or test the room.

The price is right at the edge, a little more and would be too much for the price. I can get a room in the Four Sons with TV and brand nwe for 400 Baht, this is 390 for an older room, and not in the core area of Khao San, so Ihave to walk a ways for 20 Baht Chicken Fried Rice, however the grocery store is seconds away, but there is no kitchen for guest use as a Hotel by me would alway have.

I can use skype very easy, the connection is great.
Andy of submit URL Hotel and make Free Hotel Webpage

Andy, I am glad you are staying at K.S. House.

We have an Wi-Fi access point on the first floor and on the second floor. And Charlie told me he go another access point for the 5th floor restaurant.

The 3rd and 4th floor the rooms by the stairs can get a signal.

The reason we put a WEP key is so no one rubs our signal.

Once you get the WEP key you can login with the network name and the key.

Sorry about the hot water thermostats we are fixing everything at K.S. house that has a problem.

It is in much better condition than a few months ago.

What has happened is that we got this guest house 2 years ago and put a partner manager in charge of it, but he let it gow down the hill.

So Charlie and I took over the management because the partner gave up and left.

The past few months we been fixing many things.

If something does not work or you see some problem please let me know.

You can get my email address from our Website.

Thank you.

Oh and about the kitchen if you going to stay with us for a while talk to Charlie and I am sure you guys can work something out.
You can even rent the room by the month and get a great discount.

Andy I do not know why it took you one hour to connect to our Wi-Fi.
All you need is our network name and the WEP key.

Click on the the little monitor on your Windows toolbar and you can see available networs.

The little monitor that looks like a computer is in the right side of your toolbar, and it is the Wi-Fi network symbol.
Once the Wirelsss network connection status software comes up click on the desired network and enter the WEP key and you are done...

I just installed a Wi-Fi system in Japan and I really had a hurd time getting it going.
With K.S. House Wi-Fi it is Lynksis and the WEP key is generated and given to you when you connect the access pointfor the first time, but in Japan I am using Buffalo and the WEP key is generated by the software but not given to you, so you need to use the Windows Wireless Network Setup Wisard where you put the password there and it generates the WEP key for you.

Maybe Windows VIsta works like that with Linksys also, so you need the password and it generates the WEP key automatically for you.

I have not tested with Vista.
Or if you are using the wireless card proprietary software it might be the case also.

So whenever the Wep key does not work for connection, get the password that generated the WEP key and try that using Windows WNSW to generate the WEP key, or if it is disabled because you are using the Wi-Fi card proprietary software, put the password in the software if the correct WEP key does not connect you.

If anyone needs some IT tips please come to my forum and I will try to help you out.

I am connected, or I would have moved out. I just do not believe Keys help a Hotel. This would not be connected if I was not good. Charlie did not know how to connect my computer. I do not think Keys are good for Hotel. Nice to know you know, but you are not here.

The Hotel staff now is good, however the setup of WIFI is still self serve, this is my general point.

I am way above average and it took me close to an hour to figure out the correct combinations, sometimes I am lucky with keys, and other times I am not.

It did not work the way you explained, all computer are different, I have owned 3 WIFI ready laptops, this problem is standard, keys cause problems.

But so do eithernt wire with need to put in TCP Ip codes, or proxy, or whatever clever something hotels do instead of leaving open.

The WIFI is good.

I will always say the KEY is a problem and NOT needed. However this Key problem is not a big problem at all, you have a bigger one...

Hello Igor,

I looked for an Igor contact, could not find. submit URL Hotel and make Free Hotel Webpage

Contact Andy

It is right on our Charlie Connection Travel & Tour and K.S. House Website towards the buttom of the page.

But I sent you an email to the editor so you can email to me...

Andy, I am sure you are IT savy, one has to be to compete in 21 st century.

Another tip in configuring wi-Fi is to set your computer to obtain an IP address automatically not assign in statically in your TCP/IP settings.

The router does that work and unless you know the DNS IP address setting it to static even if on the same range and subnet mask will not work.

Well the staff at K.S. House do have some understanding of network configuration and they have support from Thai IT people who will try to help as much as possible.

So all you guys staying at K.S House please get in touch with me if you have a hard time connecting to the Wi-Fi network I will trouble shoot the problem for you.


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