Washing My Clothes in Ghana

Washing My Clothes in Ghana
Bolgatanga or Bolga, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, September 6, 2007

I remember being angry in Aneho, Togo over a year ago when the price list quoted 1.5 US Dollars or 700 CFA to wash one pair of long trousers. I now realize this was a very good Hotel.

An Ok Hotels in West Africa ask,
- Do you want a Beer? -
However, normally a person has to ask for anything, including a Beer, service is a foreign word.

A Good Hotels will ask,
- Do you want your room cleaned? -

The best Hotels advertise, and provide laundry service, plus the beer, plus the cleaning of rooms.

If you compared Apples to Apples, or the over-head of the Beverly Hills Hilton to the cost of doing business in Aneho, Togo you would slowly understand to pay 1.5 USA dollars cost more than the Hilton does. One days pay in Togo for a Hotel worker is 1.5 US Dollars, and one days pay in the Beverly Hiltons Hotels for the laundry person is at minimum about 48 US dollars. Therefore, to compare Apples to Apples, the cost of getting a pair of trousers cleaned in the Beverly Hills Hilton should be 48 dollars.

In West Africa, I need rooms with showers, so I can wash my clothes by hand.

I am not sure what type of logic to call this, however, maybe quantum leap logic, or out of the box logic, or one-eighty logic, however, I am getting better at it.

What does it say when there is obvious Laundry service in a Hotel or City? Maybe with all I just wrote you would think reason the Hotels are not good, however, the better answer is there is no demand. The percentage of people asking for laundry service is so low, they do not see it as a good way of making money, and they sell beer.

I was at a meandering of the Amazon River, a village of 48 huts, I asked for a canoe and it cost 3 US dollars per day, I ask for place to sleep and it was free. Nobody ever wanted to sleep in the village, however tourist asked enough for canoes it had a price, the locals thought, why would a person pay to sleep?

I am asked in Ghana, what is my mission or where do I work? The people of Ghana assume I am here working on some save them from working, give them money project.

What do I ask the other White People in the Hotel?
- What is your project, what is your mission, where do you work in Ghana? -

I hope one day I find more over-priced laundry price list, as I would know there are some travelers and tourist in the Hotel. Aneho is at a border, you leave the country, you need clean clothes.

The quiz…?

How is your Quantum Leap Logic?

- I am a normal Hotel in Bolga, a bar large enough to hold four times the number of people living in the Hotel.

- The prices of rooms start at 8 and then double or trip to 20-24 per night.

Why is does the room prices jump from 8 to 20-24?

QUIZ TWO: Why are there so man hogs or pigs in Bolga? I am referring to the farm animal.

Washing My Clothes in Ghana


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It's hard to fathom the economics of a cash economy slapped down on top of a subsistence economy. Fact is, most people you see around, by the road, especially in the rural areas have no money. They have no money at all. They have no cash. Nada. As you say, if somebody who owns a hotel says, let's run a laundary service, then they'e going to apply the prices that they expect their guests can afford, ie something like a dollar per item.

And your pigs question? I've always assumed it just means there are few Muslims in the area. North and West Africa used to have a big pig culture before Islam became so important in the fourteenth to eighteenth century, and you still see these scrwawny hogs, running around like goats in certain places. It's extraordinary. And then you go 10km down the road, and they're gone, and you're back to sheep and chickens and goats climbing in the thorn trees.

All the best for the next stage,


PIG question
Yes, not as many Islamica people in Bolgatanga, Ghana.

Good thoughts on the mix of cash economy on top of a subsistence farming economy... However, the jump, the 8 to 24 Ghana Cedi Jump?

Why are there 7-8 no shower or toilet room next to this restaurant? And yes, this is the price the market will bear for these room, however more to this.

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