Tough Audience in Bobo Burkina Faso

Tough Audience in Bobo Burkina Faso
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso

As I see it, I am normally the entertainment for the locals in many countries of West Africa. The locals watch the entertainment with great curiosity to see what the White Man does. The locals are an attentive audience waiting with patience and anticipation.

The children scream White Man, more or less the background music.

The older women are the critics, they sit, ask each other is this act good or bad. They are the critics, I must keep them happy, they decide my future and fate.

The hecklers, the Men need thrown out of the club.

Bouncers, I am one man act, therefore I must also serve as the bouncer, often I use a humor to keep the hecklers in their seats and their mouths closed.

Bobo has won the booby prize for the most Hecklers of any city I have visited. In the central market of Bobo are streets of Hecklers, where the act just should never book, never visit and best to avoid.

I am not sure I have ever wanted to avoid the market area of any city, I suppose in front of the Palm Beach Hotel in Lome, Togo is a contender for obnoxious areas in Africa.
I have noticed a jaded progression, I am slowly ignoring and giving the blank face to more men in Africa with each month that passes. The mind naturally avoids non-beneficial places, situations and people, however it has to first make this decision. This is not conscious, it is unconscious. Every once in awhile a genuinely nice man says hello without heckling, mockery or an agenda and I wake up out of my blank ignoring them trance and have to stop, think and say, Hello. Then I find my mind reverts back to the status of they almost do not exist, totally contrary to the my Indiana natural say hello to everyone culture.

Tough Audience in Bobo Burkina Faso


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In Bobo where would suggest one stay, hotel that is.
By the by, adobe, clay, is a common. or was a common building material in the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Ventilation is a common problem as most folks do not understand negative and positive physical forces. Heat rises, put vent close to the floor and at the roof line or a window. Only the Obruni suffers the heat as the people in Burkina have had centuries to adapt. This Colorado travelor recognizes that us American must stay comfortable, that is the American way, comfort at any price and now we see a world recession created by American thieves. Our right wing hecklers are not in short supply if not in demand.

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