Ghana Food Fufu Video

Ghana Food Fufu Video
Mampong, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, September 5, 2007

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This is a photo of Naomi in the Video City Hotel in Mampong, Ghana making Fufu.

Fufu is made from Cassava and Plantains, or with Yams. It is an exciting food because they use this large straight wooden mallet to mash the Cassava and Plantains into food to eat.

They will eat the mashed Cassava and Plantains called Fufu with a ground sauce made of Tomatoes and Peppers.

The process of making Fufu by my interpretation and the understanding as of today is listed, however, this may change as the Fufu culture unfolds.

1. Growing of Plantains and Cassava together in the field plot.

2. Boiling of the Cassava or Yams

3. Mashing of the Cassava and Plantains, the exciting part, or sometimes Yams.

4. Grinding of Tomatoes, Pepper and making the sauces.

5. Eating the Fufu by plucking with fingers and dipping into the sauce.

Fufu One Video

I am in Bolgatanga, Ghana presently and have now traveled too far north for the proper growing of Plantains. The locals have almost stopped eating Fufu, therefore I have decided to publish this video with very good clips of the exciting part. I hope to add later a more completed story, but for now, a very exciting Fufu video if you want to call Fufu exciting.

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Ghana Food Fufu Video


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Wow. :-D What co-ordination! I kept cringing every time the Pestle came down thinking that he was going to whack her hands off! lol! :)

Cassava and plantains with a pepper tomato sauce. Interesting combination indeed!

Do they use the plantains green or when they are ripe? I'd love to see the finished product - the eating with the tomato-pepper sauce video ;-)

Yes, I suppose this is possible... hehehe
Video of Fufu a Ghana Food being Made in Africa

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I am a woman from the US.. I recently took a trip to Accra, Ghana. The reason being..I married a Ghanaian man named Jackson. I spent two awesome weeks in Accra, and I cried when I left. I tried fufu, and Banku and other African/Ghanaian dishes and I have to admit that it was different to my taste but yet still very good. Even though my sweet husband almost choked me with my first bite of fufu while I was trying banku for the first time. I am amazed while watching woman making fufu in Jacksons nieghborhood. My first thought was"How do they keep from getting their hands smashed?" I am trying to get the hang of african cooking because I made a promise to my husband that, eventhough he may live in the US now..I still will make him his African meals because they are part of who he is.

I am happy you see the importance of food. If you want to understand a culture, the food is a great start.

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