Bolgatanga Ghana Food Market Video

Bolgatanga Ghana Food Market Video
Bolga or Bolgatanga, Ghana West Africa
Monday, September 3, 2007

I am told this is a Kumo, I have never seen this type of Vegetable before, it taste like a Cucumber to me, the people say something about Garden Eggs. I really do not like Cucumbers, and I was spitting for an about 10 minutes, but I suspect the majority of cucumber fans would be happy.

The view of the inside, taking pictures of foods is interesting, I am not a brave person with foods. I have to look at something for days and sometimes months before I get up the courage to try. The best way to take photos is to buy the food, have them prepared the food to eat on the spot, and then take photos. This is difficult for me, as they also want me to taste the food… aagh.

I took this video of the market here in Bolgatanga, Ghana. A simple video of a Ghana food market, as I walked one direction through the market, this market is very large and diverse; this is just a small portion of the market. I walk through this market one to two times daily here in Bolga, for the curious, it has a never-ending supply.

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Bolgatanga Ghana Food Market Video


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enjoy your video - so you do special requests - i would love to see a video which shows how African women tie their babies on their back - your Ghana food market shows many many many women carrying babies - how to they do it ??? can you help


How African women carry their babies?

Yes, I can eventually video this process of bending over with the baby lying on their back and a series of two ties.

Will take some work to be in the right place at the right time. I have been trying to find a place to set up my mini tri-pod, then the camera would hold steady at a distance.

Placing the camera down, or sitting it in one locations draws a crowd, then make taking a video difficult, the reason I walked.

what is the meain work of ghana

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