Bobo Dioulasso Burkina Faso,

Bobo Dioulasso Burkina Faso,
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I traveled from Po to Ouaga, stayed on night, then traveled for five hours to Bobo, Burkina Faso or he complete name Bobo Dioulasso. I am now in the land of plenty.

Map of Trip from Bolga, Ghana to Po to Ouaga to Bobo, Burkina Faso.

Description from the Encarta Encyclopedia:
- … trade center for peanuts, sesame seeds, sisal hemp, and livestock; manufactures include cotton yarn, metal products, vegetable oil, soap, lime, and bricks. …

This description seems right on the mark, so far, my guess is this an accurate and correct description.

To describe a country, you need your eyes wide open, and stop reading. I try to read about a country after I know the country, then I can have a laugh, and not try to find what I read, to confirm it.

I just read that description and I have seen obvious in my face examples of three-quarters of this list. South of Ouaga Burkina fast to the Ghana and Cote d Ivoire has to be one of the richest in food areas I have entered in West Africa. It was hard to look out the window and not see a cow, goat, cotton, corn, or some cash crop being grown.

Nice to see after see how Togo, Benin and Ghana wasted their natural resources and then cried foul.

I want to see Sesame Seed growing. And the Encyclopedia should add potatoes and onions to the list above, I ate 2 dollars worth of USA French Fries last night for 20 cents US, or 100 CFA. Next time I will say 50 CFA, as 100 is too much and I had to stop the women from loading up the torn piece of paper, used for a plate.

Bobo Dioulasso Burkina Faso


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Burkina Faso, you say Land of Plenty and everyone calls it poor. I really enjoy it when you paint the real picture of a place.

We have all these world indexes to describe relative country status like Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Gross National Income (GNI), Human Development Index (HDI), Happy Planet Index (HPI), yet they all seem quite inappropriate to me with regards to travel.

Trying to wrap my head around this...

What would be the criteria for a "Happy Travelers Index" (HTI)? As of 9/12/2007 I don't find much online. I keep reflecting on a few posts of yours... ok I found them, you said;

"I am trying to hand off the torch, allow some more Hobo to help to be pure, to be a Traveler, to share, to mark the path. There are people who will not or cannot remember to go home, or maybe those who dream of escaping the 9-5, there is a way, the world is ours for the taking, but we need to stick together, and remember, are dreams are not for sale." - Andy

also the classic;

"One mans paradise, is another mans hell, This way we do not all go to the same place." - Andy

I think you hit on some key elements. Sticking together, marking the path, while all having a differing vision of paradise, seems to me to be a great puzzle to solve for an appropriate HTI.

1. I think a good portion of ultra budget travelers could agree on a common set of criteria for what a travelers paradise is or close to it. Possible?

We could use this info to develop a simple score and include as a major factor in a HTI. I think this would be more than just rooms, food, transport, climate, markets, internet connections etc. But factoring in the locals and their culture, level of self reliance, attitudes, sustainability, personal and ecological health etc etc.

None of the aforementioned indexes rank Burkina Faso (or west Africa) very high for instance, yet it is a land of plenty.

2. Marking the paths between paradises is an essential tool. Here we might include factors for not just ease, costs and distances of routes but also time and energy efficiency perhaps. Others?

3. Travelers sticking together requires distance relationships and a collaborative attitude. These could be physical or virtual (leading to possibly crossing paths). A team of HTI contributors?

I think a real "Happy Travelers Index" could only be done properly with a group of real travelers. I'm pretty sure there is more planet to cover than any one person has time for. The map is closed as they say but a travelers map and associated index would always be in flux. Can it be done with online polls?

Thats enough wrapping for now.


HTI - Happy Traveler Index

Great idea.

To separate the one country tourist from a person who is moving around from country to country is a challenge.

I will think on this idea.
Thanks Eric

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