The Shower Step

The Shower Step
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Monday, August 20, 2007

This is a photos of a very nice common shower and toilet in Accra, Ghana in a Hotel.

I have learned my walking lessons too many times. This is a very nice ceramic tile, and there is a step down from the shower to the floor level. I have slipped many times on tile, inside a hotel, or outside in the streets. When I see this type of tile associated with water I become afraid. When I see a step, I become more wary, I am not sure of an solution, except to be super careful when choosing rooms or when you spot the potential danger.

Generally hotels built to be a hotel are a lot safer than homes or buildings converted to hotels. A room that has added the shower by raising the floor to allow for water and drain pipes also creates a danger.

The larger the hotel, the more likely it was built as a hotel, the more like a home, and the more they make these work around situations. The Hilton is safer than a bed and breakfast or mom and pop hotel.

The Shower Step


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Tiles are evil. I slipped over on tiles in my hotel in nepal because i was wearing 'flip-flops' on my feet to not get foot infections.

I slipped over, grabbed for the sink, and pulled the sink out of the wall and smashing onto me and the floor.

Painful lessons learned: 1) tiles with flip-flops are bad. 2) Sinks in the hotel may not be as well-installed as mine at home.

Happy lesson learnt: cost of new msink and guy to fit it is much cheaper in Nepal than UK.

Yes, the raised shower looks like it might pose a danger.

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