Is Accra a Clean Delhi

Is Accra a Clean Delhi
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I said Bonjour to the man in the toilet, and then adjusted my comment to Hello. I am in an Anglophone country, stop thinking in French Andy… It would be arrogant of me to say I have any idea where I am, if I woke up wrong today, I could have easily been in Delhi, India, however so far Ghana is cleaner and has worst traffic. (I went for a ride in Taxi, I hit a glitch coming into the city)

Do I know Accra, I do not know Accra, and I have been here for about 15 hours and slept the whole time. People continually ask, do you know, do you know, do you know this or that, I do not know Accra, and now the debate is… no the fight is


Slowly, gently Andy, relax, do not turn tail and run for Cape Coast, Ghana.

1-2 nights in a city, and you know nothing. 5 days in a city with a few friends and you know nothing. 10 days alone, and you may begin to figure out the public transportation. On a no budget, pay any amount of money taxi fare brain trip, you can learn a city, but not know the culture.

Slowly, I am saying to myself, you came here to get Visas to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. I need to get myself to relax… Aagh, as I type the word relax a car alarm goes off outside my room. I am glad I am not a superstitious person or this ironic coincidence would have meaning.

I could be in Delhi, or maybe in some Black Ghetto in Chicago as the music starts in the car, I have to say Black because I think most are now Mexican.

I have test ran two hotels so far, and I have seen one white person walking on the streets, not in the Hotel. I so far am the whole Tourist in Ghana, not a good sign. I will go today to try to get a Liberia Visa, I hope, I need to keep up the strength, it may be a better idea to go find English books so I can hide.

Is Accra a Clean Delhi


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So are you considering hispanic and other races to be "black"? Anyone that isnt white is black?

One shouldnt see the world in black and white, and you'd be among the last people i'd think that would see things that way.

You know what I meant, so re-write it correctly, and put it up so people can read correctly if you wish.

I am busy in the outside real world.

Your going to Liberia ? This may be the end of teh Hobo Traveller ? Goodnight Andy and good luck your going to need it. Although I would rather take my chances there (Liberia) than E. Los Angeles

I would agree East Los Angeles USA, may be more dangerous than Liberia.

Two LL maybe Canadian or English.

I do not use luck to travel.

Evil or not evil, I would say the one person who posted is Evil.

There is this dangerous idea in the world that we should not make opinions. The sad part, if 100 percent sure we always make opinions.

A person has to trust their judgment to be safe, and not ever think about whether it fits into some box.

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