Finding English Books in Accra Ghana

Finding English Books in Accra Ghana
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Saturday, August 18, 2007

Four nights spent in Accra, and I have not found one English book to read, today I get militant, I pay taxis.
I found a couple of Christian bookstore; however, I have not found one normal bookstore. I found some how to get rich, how to better yourself, do it yourself fix yourself used books kiosk stand next to a Catholic Bookstore.

The consensus is Accra Central is where to buy books, it is humorous as somehow they tell me to go to Accra, and then finally they say Accra Central, as I a say, I am in Accra. I am not sure what Accra Central means, I think I need to go straight towards the water. I have looked in all the hotels and not found any book exchanges, even the ones with NGO written on them in the guidebooks.

Isolation is a real problem. I found Red Storm Rising, by Tom Clancy on a PDF in my computer, started to read, the electricity was off so much, I almost gave up on reading books on the computer. I need to read the books on computer when good electricity, not when I run out of books.

Finding English Books in Accra Ghana


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I found many normal novels to read at the Memorial Book Depot in Accra Central

Is should cost about 15,000 to 20,000 anywhere inside the ring road one way to the area by taxi.

Book I purhased cost 20K and 30K or 2-3 US Dollars for used books.

I purchased 13

I am a new author whose first book is written for teens and young adults. Excellent reading for a young person who have lost a parent.
I am interested in getting my book into the hands of youth in Ghana.

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