Selling Photos to NGO or News Media

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media
Lome, Togo West Africa
Thursday, July 26, 2007

My two vexations, Non Governmental Organizations and the News Media, I am slowly learning I can earn money selling them photographs.

Let me think, what a good analogy is.

This is like selling condoms to prostitutes.

No, not a good analogy, the NGO and the Media should already have the photos they would need from me; I would be selling photos to a group that should already have them.

This is like selling Snow to Eskimos.

Still not right, hmmm…. It is too easy for an Eskimo to find snow, the photos I could sell are not as easy as finding snow. Yes, photos should be easy for the NGO… however not for the Journalist.

This is like selling cow manure to a dairy farmer.

Yes, this is a good analogy, and works really well for the NGO groups, however still misses the target a little for News Media.

Selling cow manure to the Vegetarian of the Dairy Farmer is the News Media analogy I need.

I do not like to sell photos, I have never sold a photo, and I try to give them away in exchange for some free promotion of my website. I am learning, I may be very slow here, but I am learning. The problem with giving photos to people is they can say,
- Andy of took these photos, and gave us permission. -

It is a tacit recommendation of their organizations, and to give a recommendation for an NGO or News Media is difficult. I suppose I should put the United Nations on this list of not to associate with, I am not sure, they are governmental I would guess. I suppose I can also sell to the government photos, and that is for sure big money.

I use Reeboks gym shoes and do not have a problem recommending the ones made in Indonesia, the ones made in Thailand stink; the rubber has a bad smell.

I have no problem saying go watch CNN, but I would not want my sister working for CNN.

I had another request to use photos of Philippines Street Children I took in Manila. I think I will offer to sell them, and somehow say they cannot use my name. I just do not know, I feel like I am helping a prostitute to find Johns or Men, makes me feel like a Pimp.

I think I had better just say they are not for sale, and cannot be used. The reason I said in the past they are free, is I know people steal photos off the internet, how can you stop them, so my theory was just to get some free links back to the site. This is really too complicated.

An NGO working with Philippines Street Children should have photos of Street Children. The News Media interviewing a person working for with Philippines Street Children should be able to get these photos from the person they are interviewing.

Hard to believe they want or need my photos?

Selling Photos to NGO or News Media


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I like your attitude to these issues, it's good to see that not all Americans support the naive "save the world" crap. Good! :-)

I thought that if you sold it then they did not have to acknowledge you. Also, as you mentioned, you could request that they did not use your name. How much do they pay for a photo anyway?

A person can sell photos with many stipulations and rights. I feel confident I can sell photos and not have acknowledge to me.

This is what the NGO and News Media want,they try to make an illusion that they collected all the photos and information. This is why there is a market, they do not take photos and they do not collect information, they ask for donations or have stories. The backup information is purchased often and not their own.

How much?

I have never sold a photo, and never been offered, but I have not asked.

I am guessing a person could get about 50-100 US per photo sold. I think after that it becomes difficult as they can steal photos now easily off the internet.

Watermarks, and other ways of making a photos bad exist to stop this, but sort of delusional.

I would say, Photography is a part-time job, and not a full time job. Not a good way to make money.

Why do they buy? I once worked in a press office, we had a budget and would web surf for photos, forget our database which was hard to search. We would email the photographer and make an offer for good photos, much easier to search and it was't my money anyway.

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