Learn Ewe Language in Lome Togo

Learn Ewe Language in Lome Togo
Lome, Togo West Africa
Friday, July 20, 2007

Daniel the French owner of a French, Ewe etc, Language School in Lome, Togo.

The best way to learn about a culture is to speak the language, when you figure out how they talk, you slowly learn how they think, and then along comes some cultural understanding.

I found a School to study languages in Lome, Togo. I can learn Ewe, the local language of Lome, Togo, or I can learn French.

I think French is a good start, however you can choose from many languages with Daniel. If you wanted to do business in Togo, it would be a good idea to ask for help, take a quick course or a refresher course.

Daniel has been in West Africa for over 17 years and can help you find the rope to shore, so you boat does not float away.

How to find?
Say to a Taxi, I want to go the Angola Embassy, something as in Ambassade De l'Angola. Remember, they do not speak English.

Lam-Bah-Sawd duh An-Gohl-lah

When the Taxi is there, you walk about two blocks toward the central city and the office in on the left, the sign says something about Polyglotte.

IF you do not want to go to see Daniel, please say to the taxi,
- Avenua de Duisburg -

As best I can tell, not one Motorcycle Taxi driver in the city knows where this street is located. Now, if you are good, you can say,
- Kodjoviakope -

Koh Joh Vee Ah Koh Peh

This is the neighborhood, the taxis here in Lome, think in terms of neighborhood, not streets. This would get you closer to the school; one of the two landmarks will get you closer.

Ambassade De l'Angola
Lam-Bah-Sawd duh An-Gohl-lah

- Kodjoviakope -
Koh Joh Vee Ah Koh Peh

What a trip, you need to know French to go and learn French, if you are exceptionally smart, print out the business card and show the taxi driver, and eventually you will be at his door of Daniel, look for the buzzer or bell button…

Alternative directions would be to go to the Hotel Galion, walk north away from the ocean, when you see an internet café on your right, then stop in and look around you should eventually see a sign saying Polyglotte. Or for about 90 percent of you, pull out your cell phone and call Daniel and say I am a white person standing in front of the internet Café or the Embassy or in the Galion or some landmark.

Personally, I have given up on street addresses, I know the pizza man is confused, I am confused, and the world really does not use them, so I use a land marks, like the Internet Café, the Embassy of Angola, or the Galion Hotel, one them is a good start to find the woods which is the neighborhood of Kodjoviakope.

Learn Ewe Language in Lome Togo


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Well, i just dropped by to let you know of a competition that is running at the africanloft.


Pls, participate.


Ps: 600 words is just a page..

Or better still: Global Positioning System Coordinates. Works all the time :)


Re: Lack of street names and getting around (slightly off topic).

The Google maps satellite imagery for Lome provides a zoom level that's only one away from the most detail possible. With that and a few GPS coordinates of all the landmarks, someone could make a "My Maps" with Placemarks, print it, and find their way to places like the language school and elsewhere without street names or written descriptions.

A compass might help too.

Taken a step further, you could have custom maps on mobile phones...

Google Maps Mobile


Put custom maps right on hobotraveler.com...

Google Maps on Your Web Site

I think you can even embed photos in the map placemark bubbles. That would give folks an enhanced visual guide for the landmarks to look for.

I know in the past you've talked about doing a guidebook. If you did, I think something like this combined with your broad knowledge might be a dynamic way that you could have one up on even LP down-loadable chapters (PDF format).

Traffic=Revenue, true?

I'm sure someone will say, use Google Earth!, whatever. Not everybody has a PC thats capable of running that resource hog. And if designing for a world audience, probably best to avoid it. I've no idea how to integrate that into a website anyhow.

Just a thought.


To add to the maps comment. Here's an example of a site that applies it.

Placial the people's atlas


i need your brochure, to enable me know when, how to register in your school and the fees, course plan, and duration

Dear Daniel
I am one of those interested in learning both French and Ewe more so that i am based here in Lome working with an international Organisation
Sani Baba

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