20-80 Rule of Travel

20-80 Rule of Travel
Lome, Togo West Africa
Saturday, July 28, 2007

20-80 Rule of Travel

20 percent of the planet thinks they are the 80 percent majority.

20 percent of the planet make the rules, which do NOT apply to 80 percent of the planet.

If you remember this first, this will help your common sense to function properly.

Ask yourself am I the 20 percent or the 80 percent area of the planet?

This is a map of the Human Development Index, and trust me, Mexico, Argentina and Chile are part of the 80 percent.

What I can buy in on 20 percent of the planet, I cannot buy in the other 80 percent of the planet. What I can buy on 80 percent of the planet, I cannot buy on the other 20 percent.

What is needed on 20 percent of the planet is not needed on 80 percent of the planet. Moreover, what the 80 percent need is not necessary for the 20 percent. What you can do on 80 percent of the planet you cannot do in the 80 percent.

Drive a car on 80 percent of the planet, you will learn, the rules are not the same.

I receive all sorts of silly well-intended advice from 20 percent of the planet; some of the best is to go to Home Depot and buy something, or to order a book from Amazon.com.

The Europeans like to think 80 percent of the planet agrees with their opinions of the USA, and this is crazy.

If you can buy it easy in Asia or South America, you probably cannot buy it in Europe or the USA and the converse.

In some ways, you can apply the 20-80 percent rules to any country, what I can buy in the biggest city in the country, the 20 percent; I cannot buy in the other 80 percent.

I listen to the Expats here in Lome, Togo and think to myself,
- Have you ever left the compound, have you left Lome? -

Map with the a better color perspective, please also try to count the number of people, not just land mass, Canada and Australia are big countries with very few people.

20-80 Rule of Travel


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Interestingly, it resembles the "hobo barefoot travel zone" map on your hobotraveler.com home page.


Speaking of maps, If you look at a Peters World Map which shows countries and continents without size distortion relative to one another, one realizes how BIG all of Africa really is.

I think your displaying a Robinsons projection in the 20-80 map.

From the Peters World Map I have it says...

"Traditional Maps, of which the Mercator's are an example, tended to show countries incorrectly in proportion to one another, to the advantage of the European colonial powers, while the southern continents (Africa, South America, Australia) are shown far too small."


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