Filing Emails

Filing Emails
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am afraid for my nieces, nephew and friends; I want to protect them from the dark of night,

What I know, what I suspect, and what I do not know.
What I know if not of interest to me, I cannot be bothered.
What I suspect I understand or know is fodder for my muse.
What I do not know, this will be my downfall.

There is the dark of night, what lurks in the nuances is not known.

There is an annoying question asked in some cultures, for example, I go into a restaurant, and the waitress hands me a menu, then says,
- What do you want to eat? -
Hoovers over the table, stands looking at me as if I am stupid, slow and need to get a life, thinking, please tell me your order.

I want to say,
- Hello, sleeping brain, wake up and think, it is not possible for me to order because I do not know what on the menu, just because you hand it to me, does not mean I know it. -

Their reasoning is something like,
- I know it, so you know it. -

I am calling this class of person,
- Empathy impaired. -
They are incapable of feeling the perspective of another person, this is a self-centered personified.

I receive emails telling me I am stupid because I use bad grammar, this is the type of person I know I can sell the Brooklyn Bridge to, I really want them in my life, close up and personal I will make a fortune.

I was pick-pocketed on the subway in Madrid, Spain, a person says to me,
- How can an experienced traveler be robbed? -

Just recently, a reader writes me to say I am afraid of going crazy because I wrote about it. This is hilarious logic and just good fun to read, again the person who will buy the Brooklyn Bridge if I pitch it clearly.

I am not afraid of a barking dog, I am afraid of dogs that do not bark.

I am 100 percent positive one day I will be robbed of all my possessions one day, I just cannot do not know when.

Enough with the parables, maybe they are parables?

I see a murky future; I feel those in power, control, and of influence will soon be replaced by those who do know how to use a computer.

HG Well and a Halve and Halve Not world, those who live above ground and those who live below ground.

I would think anyone over 40 today, June 2007 is safe, their future is already decided, and therefore they are financially stable.

I could pole vault 11 feet, I wanted to pole value 15 feet, however, I could not run the 100-yard dash in 10 seconds, I was more of a13-14 second person, and I stopped pole vaulting.

When I have, friends say,
- The studied Computers in University. -

I will often say,
- So, what does that have to do with their ability to make a web page? -

There is close to zero correlation between studying computers and the real ability to use them, there are those who can, and there are those who cannot, and I suppose those who will not.

Selling is about making people feel safe.

Email is communications; I remember having a big executive from Frito Lay Company, one of them fly to New York, for two-hour appointments people, then onto Dulles for the next meeting pound ed on the table to me…


I recorded his phone calls to me, I new my survival was dependant upon how well I listened and could perform his orders.

I had a worker Steve who did too many drugs, he could not remember anything, and however he never forgot anything because he wrote everything down. Amazingly efficient man because he could not remember and he knew it, but better yet, accept it.

I just do not know where to start and where to finish, I am worried that one day all my family and friends will work in McDonalds.

I want them to stay in the queue, as the computer world will soon prove what they can do is different from what people perceive they can do. None of this matter much, I am not going to change people. However, in an effort to lead them to the water, I think I will start to write here in this area how to manage business or personal emails for a global world, if all was simple, what I just wrote would be 100 percent understood.

Filing Emails is not the solution, the solution is how to search for them, I assume you will not file the same as I file, we will not agree and that is human.

Filing Emails


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Haves and have nots. Makes me wonder about what a hobo is in this context.

In one way a have AND a have not, as you HAVE travel survival skills, a computer, and a lifestyle of world experiences like a have, but you HAVE NOT the burdens of most haves, like a have not.

And in another way, your brand of hobo is neither. You said once that all your stuff was intentionally junk, and if you were robbed it's easily replaceable, so not really what most would consider a have. But, your also able to communicate and work and find your way easily among the haves, so not really a have not.

Searching emails is probably better than filing as long as you remember a phrase or keyword and dial in on it. Certainly less maintenance.


I use Google Mail (GMail) everyday and it does an admirable job of performing directed email searches. My kind of filing. LoCal Hitech with enormous storage ("Never throw away email again!").

Anyway, less filling, tastes great ... and it's free.


Hobo is a word.

It is a stereotype, a bum is the normal view, however a Hobo will work, a bum will not.

I enjoy the irony of being called a Hobo and the very on - off, 1 and 0, black and white thinking of the majority of readers. This is not you, I can feel and read your ability to differentiate.

I chose the word Hobo to describe my desire to travel cheap, live simple and look for a way to pay for my travels. This a Hobo, looking for work in other cities, then taking a cheapest form of transportation, normally stereotyped as a train hopper.

Can Bill Gates one of the richest men travel the same as a Hobo, I would say yes, if he could hide his identity.

Can a Hobo become the richest man in the world, I would say yes.

Will the majority of people learn to stop thinking a rich person needs to act rich, and a poor person needs to act poor.

Hobo pages are trying to explain how to use the least amount of money to live like a King, maybe a Hobo King. A smart person will learn the trick of the streets if this is where they need to learn.

The best travelers do not care where they learn, the just want a good value for their money.

I am 100 pecent sure I live better than most tourist. This sounds funny, however if the goal it to enjoy your trip, then I know I enjoy my trip more than the average tourist who has to go home to relax.

Enjoying life is about making life simple.

Searching for emails is a lot simpler than trying to file all of them.

I am a Have, I have all I need, and more!

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